Missions of the Protestant Reformed Churches in America

Domestic Missions

philmap2The PRC have two foreign missionaries working in the Philippines at present, with metro Manila as the base. Rev.Daniel Kleyn (assisted by his wife Sharon) and Rev. Daniel Holstege (assisted by his wife Leah) carry out the responsibilities for a number of labors with churches, pastors, and contacts throughout this country (See map to the left). Visit their website to learn more about these labors. You may also visit the Kleyn's blog to see a more personal side to the life and work in this foreign land.

In addition, the PRC help support the mission labors of the Covenant PRC (N.Ireland) in Limerick, Ireland, where Rev. Martyn McGeown serves as missionary. And, several of our congregations are involved with labors in India (Georgetown PRC) and in Myanmar (Hope PRC, Walker). Our sister church in Singapore (Covenant ERC) is also involved in mission labors in India, in Kolkata, through her missionary Rev. Emmanuel Singh.

Secretary for Foreign Mission Committee: 

Rev. James Laning: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

PRC Missions in the Philippines (43)

Philippines missionaries

Missionaries Daniel (Sharon) Kleyn and Daniel (Leah) Holstege & family
Calling Church: Doon PRC, Doon, IA

Philippine Mission Resource website (audio and literature)

Missionary blogs:

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Limerick Reformed Fellowship, Republic of Ireland (Mission Field of the CPRCNI) (22)


This is a mission field of the Covenant PRCNI, financially supported by the PRCA.

LimerickmeetingplaceMissionary: Rev. Martyn McGeown

38 Abbeyvale, Corbally,
Limerick, Ireland.


Mission:Limerick Reformed Fellowship

Worshiping at: Conradh na Gaeilge Hall 

Thomas St., Limerick City

Services: 11:00 a.m.; 5:30 p.m.

Coming lectures in the British Isles

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Myanmar Labors (Hope PRC, GR) (11)

This is a mission labor of Hope PRC, Grand Rapids, MI, with assistance from her Reformed Witness Committee and the Foreign Mission Committee of the PRC.

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India Missions (0)

The India mission labors involve the work of Georgetown PRC in Vellore with assistance from the Foreign Mission Committee of the PRC, and the work of Covenant ERC (Singapore) in Kolkata.

Map India 1


ESingh Nov 2015
Emmanuel Singh presenting in CERC on the Kolkata, India missions, 2016

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Limerick Reformed Fellowship - November 2016 Newsletter

LimerickmeetingplaceLimerick Reformed Fellowship
Rev. Martyn McGeown, missionary
38 Abbeyvale, Corbally Co. Limerick, Ireland
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Monday, November 28, 2016

Dear saints in the Protestant Reformed Churches,

My last newsletter was July 25, so it is time for an update from Limerick.

As usual, I greatly enjoyed my summer vacation in the USA. It was good to fellowship with many of my friends in Christ, to attend and chaperone the Young People’s Convention, and to preach in various congregations. During my absence, Rev. Michael DeVries and his wife, Dawn (Kalamazoo PRC, MI), stayed in my home. Both the DeVrieses and the LRF gave many good reports about their visit.

After my return from the US, I administered the sacrament of baptism to our newest infant member, Felicity Kuhs (born June 11; baptized September 11). The sermon was “Washing Away Our Sins by Baptism” (Acts 22:16) and attendance was 22 with several visitors.

We have also been seeing more visitors of late. Three in particular attend quite regularly. One of them attended a few times between March and May 2015, and after the evening service of May 3, 2015, he, Manuel, Marco, and I had a lengthy, and at that time, unsatisfactory, conversation about predestination. He left with a copy of The Five Points of Calvinism (by Profs. Engelsma and Hanko, a BRF publication) and a few pamphlets. The next time I encountered him was in an email seeking to subscribe to the British Reformed Journal, whereupon I invited him to attend the LRF. (I did not recognise him from May 2015, but I found his name in one of my reports to the CPRC—one of the reasons we keep records of attendance on the Mission Field!). When he returned on September 4, he told me that he had been studying the literature we had given him and that God had opened his eyes to see the truth to which he had before been blind. Since then he has been attending regularly almost every service (Sept. 4 to Nov. 27). He is learning (or un-learning) a lot of things, about baptism, eschatology, the Christian life, and a host of other things. He is also keen to read more books, and has bought several titles (Christianizing the World, Prosperous Wicked and Plagued Saints, and Doctrine According to Godliness).

Such developments are always an encouragement, for we live in days of spiritual apathy.

I began a series on Christ’s healing miracles (“Miracles of the Great Physician”) on June 26. Yesterday, I preached on “The Raising of Lazarus” (sermon #18), so the series is almost finished. In the Heidelberg Catechism preaching, we have reached LD 20 on the Holy Spirit.

Our Bible studies and catechism classes continue. On Tuesdays, we are studying Romans and have reached chapter 9. On Thursdays/Saturdays, depending on the schedule of the Mansonas, we are studying Hebrews and have just started chapter 11. On Saturday morning, I teach Chester and Dale Mansona Essentials of Reformed Doctrine, and we recently started the section on Soteriology or the doctrine of salvation (Lessons 18-23). We recently had a test on Lessons 12-17 (Christology, the doctrine of Christ), which went well. I also teach my two eldest nieces (Anna [aged 9] and Lily [aged 6]) catechism via the Internet. We are studying New Testament for Beginners and have reached Lesson 11. Both girls are good catechumens, while Lily also provides moments of entertainment. Recently, we studied the healing of the nobleman’s son in John 4. Lily could not pronounce Capernaum so she said, “The man went back to Bethabonian and found his son as happy as Larry”!

We have also had two lectures in the last few months in our “Back to Basics” series—“Salvation” (September 24) and “The Christian’s Hope in Death” (October 22). I must remember the key to evangelistic speeches—short and simple! We would like to see better attendance at these lectures, but we do not lose heart when the attendance is poor. God’s word does not return to Him void, even when many choose not to listen to it (Isa. 55:11).

In my last newsletter, I mentioned that I have had some opportunities to witness by writing letters in the local newspaper, the Limerick Post. Between April and July, the Post published eight of my responses to Roman Catholics and atheists. Since then, the newspaper has published three more of my letters (October 22, November 12, and November 26) in response to atheists who attacked the veracity, consistency, and clarity of the Word of God. An atheist has also started a private email correspondence with me in response to what he read in the Post. The letters have been reprinted on the back of the bulletin and on the LRF blog.

Colder weather is coming and we have had some sickness in the LRF. Emily-Kate Kuhs was laid low with pneumonia for over six weeks in September and October, which is no easy trial for a mother of three young children. The group rallied round to help the Kuhs family as best we could. It is at such times when I envy the organised and well-equipped “Helping Hands Committees” of the PRC! Probably unconnected to that, I myself became ill in late October with the result that I completely lost my voice and had to cancel a speech in Wales on October 27 and could not preach on October 30. On that Sunday, the LRF had to watch the CPRCNI’s live broadcast on a laptop positioned at the front of the hall.

Christmas is also coming. Because last Sunday (November 20) Limerick had its annual ceremony of the official “turning on of the Christmas lights” in the city centre, the city was gridlocked with extra traffic. Traffic was so bad that Bill Davies, our oldest member (aged 81) was unable, after driving around the block six times, to find suitable, nearby, on-street parking, so he had to drive home again and missed the evening service. Such is the inconvenience at times of renting a hall in Limerick: parking is hard to find, and it will only get worse as the Christmas shopping frenzy continues. In addition, this year December 25 is on a Sunday, which means that the hall will be unavailable for rent. After I tried unsuccessfully to book a room elsewhere on that day, we have decided to worship in a member’s home on that occasion. Rev. Stewart and I will also be swapping pulpits that Sunday so that I can spend some time with my family in Northern Ireland.

Called to Watch 1024x1024I am excited to announce my first book, Called to Watch for Christ's Return, which is an exposition of the Olivet Discourse (Matt. 24-25). Some time ago, the RFPA approached me to ask if I would consider writing a book for them using sermon series that I had already preached. After editing my sermons, I submitted a manuscript in March 2015 for their consideration. Finally, after many months of preparation (editing, proofing, typesetting, cover design, etc.), the book is ready for publication, and is available for pre-order at www.rfpa.org/. We hope to have copies in Limerick by Christmas, and Rev. Stewart plans to stock the book in the CPRC bookstore (DV).

Pray for us as we do you.
In Christian love,
Rev. Martyn McGeown


Myanmar Mission Update - November 8, 2016

Myanmar map 2

Myanmar Mission Newsletter - November 8, 2016

For many years the Hope PRC Council, along with recent help from Hope’s Reformed Witness Committee (RWC), has been laboring with our brethren from the PRC of Yangon, Myanmar. Many of you are aware of this work to some degree, but others may not be as familiar with these labors.

We would like to first introduce to you the historical background of our work with the PRC of Yangon. Following this introductory article will be regular reports from Rev. Titus Sanceuluai (referred heretofore as Rev. Titus) and from Hope PRC’s RWC. As you will come to understand in this and subsequent installments, the PRC of Yangon is part of the true church of Christ and is growing daily in its understanding of Reformed doctrines and what church membership means.

The work in Myanmar began originally as an offshoot of the PRC’s work in Singapore with the Asian Reformed Theological School. This work began first with Rev. J. Kortering, and was continued by the extensive work of Rev. A. den Hartog who made a total of seven different visits to Myanmar. Most of these trips involved teaching men from various churches at seminars. Rev. den Hartog states that the most lasting legacy of his work in Myanmar is the continued existence of the PRC of Yangon, of which Rev. Titus is still the faithful pastor.

When the Contact Committee of the PRC decided that the work in Myanmar did not fit within the scope of its constitution, the 2007 synod adopted Hope PRC’s recommendation that they continue the work with the PRC in Myanmar. Hope provided both financial support and spiritual guidance along with technological tools for improved communications. This improved communication proved to be indispensable and helped the spiritual development of the Yangon congregation grow by leaps and bounds. Rev. Titus no longer had to wait for delegation visits to have real time correspondence with Hope PRC’s Council.

Myanmar mapDelegates from Hope PRC have made a total of five visits to Myanmar over the course of six years. The main objective of each visit went from initially learning the details of the work in Yangon to spiritual guidance and establishing that the PRC of Yangon is a properly instituted church with officebearers lawfully called and installed. The most recent delegation provided instruction in church government, which ranged from managing a church budget to establishing and maintaining proper church membership. This led to the Yangon congregation reaffirming its membership by formal public confessions of faith.

Hope PRC’s Council hopes to continue the work in Myanmar with at least one visit per year. As you will learn in subsequent reports from Rev. Titus, a large part of this continued labor will involve assisting in organizing new congregations with the eventual goal of forming a functioning Reformed denomination of churches in Myanmar. Due to the daunting amount of work, the many opportunities available, and the many other responsibilities that consistory work brings, The Hope RWC has offered to assist Hope’s Council in their work in Myanmar. This help will consist of updating the denomination on progress in addition to several other initiatives that involve working directly with Rev. Titus and the PRC of Yangon. There will be regular updates in the future that include the progress of the work in Myanmar and reports from Rev. Titus and delegate visits.

Also please look us up on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/HopeProtestantReformedChurch/ and on Hope PRC’s website at http://hopeprchurch.org/outreach/myanmar-mission/.



Philippine Mission News - October 16, 2016

philmap2On this October 16, 2016 Lord's Day a few news updates on the PRC mission work in the Philippines may be noted.

First, Rev. Nathan Decker (Trinity PRC, Hudsonville, MI) announced today his decline of the call from Doon PRC to serve as third missionary to the Philippines. May the Lord give him and his family as well as Doon PRC peace in this decision.

Second, Rev. Daniel Holstege, recently called and installed as second missionary to the Philippines, is back on the mission for a few weeks to become more acquainted with the work and to prepare to move there with his family in early 2017, D.V.

From this Sunday's bulletin of the Provident Christian Church in Marikina we find these notices:

Rev. Holstege will be leading our second service today, the Lord willing. We welcome him to our pulpit and fellowship. Rev. Holstege is preaching this morning in the Berean PRC for their first worship service.

Invitation To Kleyns This Afternoon: After our worship services today, everyone is invited to the Kleyn’s house (34 Sunrise Drive, Beverly Hills Subd., along Ortigas Extension, Antipolo City) for a late lunch and a time of fellowship. We hope this will be a good opportunity for visiting with each other, and also with Rev. Holstege before he departs on Tuesday.

As that note states, Rev. D. Holstege plans to return home on Tuesday, October 18. May the Lord grant him travelling mercies, and may He continue to prepare him and his wife and family for these busy labors.

Let us also remember Rev. D. Kleyn and his wife Sharon in their ongoing labors in that land.

Below are a few pictures the Kleyns posted on their blog after Rev. Holstege's visit.

Holstege 7M Oct 2016
Rev.D. Holstege teaching at the 7M ministers' meeting in Manila.

Holstege 7M Oct 2016 2
The men at the 7M meeting: From left to right:

Rev. Daniel Kleyn, Pastor Ronald Failano, Pastor Teddy Quirante, Rev. Daniel Holstege, Pastor Ace Flores, Brother Alex Dela Rosa, Brother Bien Montoya, Brother Mitch Suarez,Brother Jun Armas, Rev. Leovy Trinidad

PRC Missions in the Philippines - August 2016 Newsletter


Rev. D. Holstege (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) Rev. D. Kleyn (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Greetings in Christ Jesus to our fellow saints in the Protestant Reformed Churches!

For the first time as an installed missionary of the gospel to the Philippines, the undersigned has the privilege to write to you about some of the developments pertaining to our work in that country.

MAY 2016

• Once the Lord made His will exceedingly clear to me and strengthened me to accept the call to be missionary in the Philippines, I preached my farewell sermon to our beloved First PRC of Holland on May 1 after five years of ministry in their midst.
• Many of you may be wondering what is next for one who accepts the call to be a foreign missionary. The Foreign Mission Committee (FMC) has a policy for the training and preparation of a missionary which recommends that he take 6 to 9 months “to familiarize, train and prepare himself for his labors in the Philippines.” Since May 1, I have been busy with the following: 1) Getting familiar with the field, in part by making a visit. We visited the Philippines already in January, just prior to receiving the call. But I intend to make a second trip, Lord willing, this October. 2) Reading a list of books on the science of missions, cultural anthropology, and other subjects related to missions. 3) Learning Tagalog, the language spoken in the Philippines, especially in Manila. I am doing this through Rosetta Stone and any other way I can find! 4) Taking courses related to missions, e.g. on how to do ministry in foreign cultures. I have signed up to take a course this fall at Calvin Seminary on “Cultural Anthropology and Contextual Ministry” and arranged an independent study at our seminary with Prof. Gritters on the history of missions.

JUNE 2016

LTrinidad wife 2016
• On June 13, Rev. Leovy Trinidad of the Maranatha PRCP submitted to and sustained an examination by the Classis of the PRCP. We rejoice with this brother and his family as he now, after many years of being a pastor, joins the official ranks of the pastors in the
PRCP! May the Lord Jesus use him still in these later years of his life to feed His flock and gather His church.
• On June 14 Rev. Daniel and Sharon Kleyn flew to the U.S. for their six-week furlough (June 14-July 28). They came first to Northwest Iowa to report to the calling church in Doon and to attend synod. Synod met in the church building of Hull PRC from June 14-17. In the absence of Rev. Kleyn, Rev. Richard Smit who served with him in the Philippines from 2009-2015 was released by his consistory (First PRC of Grand Rapids) to fill his shoes on the mission field for four weeks. The Kleyns came to Michigan on June 20 where they spent most of the rest of their furlough visiting family and friends and preaching in several area churches.
• Significantly, synod approved not only the work done in the Philippines in the past year, but also the calling of a third missionary to the Philippines with a view to one of the missionaries investigating the possibility of starting a theological school there for the training of Asian pastors. On July 24, Doon PRC extended the first call for the third missionary to Rev. Cory Griess.

JULY 2016

• On July 1, in the building of Calvary PRC in Hull, Iowa, I was officially installed as missionary to the Philippines. Rev. Josh Engelsma, pastor of Doon PRC, preached a very edifying sermon on Luke 5:1-11, “A Fisher of Men.” Rev. Engelsma directed us to the sovereignty of Christ in missions, to the truth that in ourselves we cannot catch one fish, and to the great truth that Christ is pleased to use us weak means for catching His elect out of the sea of nations. After the sermon, Rev. Engelsma read the Form for the Ordination of Missionaries found in the back of our Psalter (which I strongly recommend for you to read), and asked me the three questions to which I answered, by God’s grace, “Yes, truly, with all my heart.” He then gave me the concluding exhortation: “Go then, beloved brother, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. God our heavenly Father, who hath called thee to his holy ministry, enlighten thee with his Holy Spirit, strengthen thee with his hand and so govern thee in
thy ministry, that thou mayest decently and fruitfully walk therein, to the glory of his Name, and the propagation of the Kingdom of his Son Jesus Christ. Amen.”
• On July 3, in Doon PRC, I preached my inaugural sermon as a missionary to the Philippines on Matthew 28:18-20: “The Great Commission” – “…All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. Go ye therefore and teach all nations…” I have also been taking the opportunity to promote the work of missions to our people by preaching this sermon throughout our churches as opportunity arises.

Kleyns Holsteges July 2016
• Several times this month our two families – the Holsteges and Kleyns – were able to get together for fellowship and planning. On behalf of my wife and me, I say from the bottom of my heart that we are very thankful to God for the wisdom, zeal, assistance, and friendship of the Kleyns that we are already enjoying and expect to enjoy in the years ahead. We also eagerly look forward to enjoying the fellowship of the saints in the Philippines as we begin our labors in their midst, Lord willing, next January.

“Finally, brethren, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may have free course, and be glorified, even as it is with you” (II Thess. 3:1).

Rev. Daniel Holstege


Limerick Reformed Fellowship - July 2016 Newsletter

Rev. Martyn McGeown

38 Abbeyvale, Corbally, Co. Limerick, Ireland


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Lmerick 2016 congpic

Dear saints in the Protestant Reformed Churches,

Limerick 2016 Spence Hogan            The busy summer continues. I am just back from the British Reformed Fellowship Conference in Castlewellan, Co. Down, Northern Ireland. The Conference was, of course, a very enjoyable and spiritually uplifting week. Our two speakers, Prof. D. Engelsma and Rev. A. Lanning were excellent, and, amazingly, we had wonderful weather (The latter was not forecast, with the result that some did not have the correct attire and lacked sunscreen!). Reports about the BRFC will appear in the Standard Bearer, Beacon Lights, and British Reformed Journal. It was, I believe, our most international, or catholic, conference, with saints from the UK, the Republic of Ireland, mainland Europe, USA, Canada, Singapore, and the Philippines. We also had a good number of day visitors. The speeches will be online in the coming days on the BRF website and the CPRC YouTube channel. The next conference is scheduled for July 2018 in Hebron Hall, S. Wales, DV.

            This week, I need to get ready for my next visit to the USA (Aug 1-24). Rev. Michael DeVries and his wife, Dawn (Kalamazoo PRC, MI) will be staying in my home while I am on vacation, and a lot of preparation is required to make sure that everything runs smoothly when they are here—ecclesiastically, we have everything covered (Rev. DeVries will fill the LRF’s pulpit); domestically, we are a work in progress! The saints here look forward to Rev. DeVries’ ministry among us.

            This will be my second visit to the USA this year. In June, I was privileged to attend the Protestant Reformed synod in Hull, IA, on behalf of the CPRC. I met friends, colleagues and fellow saints, both old acquaintances and new, and enjoyed fellowship in various homes. I was also able to preach in Hull, IA and Sioux Falls, SD. My hearty thanks to all who contributed to a profitable time there.

            I am “between series” at the moment—I finished the “Nativity and Childhood of Jesus Christ” series on April 17 (“The Boy Jesus About His Father’s Business”), then I preached some sermons on anxiety (especially 3 sermons on Matthew 6:25-34), and now I am preaching some sermons on the miracles of Jesus, which is evolving somewhat into a series. In Heidelberg Catechism preaching, I am treating the names of the Mediator (Jesus, Christ, the only begotten Son of God, our Lord).

            Limerick 2016 Higgs KuhsA very significant event for the Fellowship took place on June 11—Felicity Kuhs, the third child of Manuel and Emily-Kate Kuhs, was born. We now have five small children in the Fellowship: Sebastian Kuhs (5), Jason Watterson (3), Penelope Kuhs (3), Eleanora Watterson (10 months), and Felicity Kuhs (6 weeks). We hope to schedule Felicity’s baptism soon.

            On Tuesdays, we continue our Bible study. We started the book of Romans on October 6, and have reached chapter 8. We have a second Bible study at the Mansonas’ home on the book of Hebrews. Catechism has been put on hold for the summer.

            We continue our “Back to Basics” Lecture series in Limerick.  The last ones were entitled “God Is Good” (April 16) and “The Forgiveness of Sins” (July 2). A Muslim colleague of Manuel Kuhs still attends these lectures

            Another recent valuable opportunity to witness is in the Limerick Post, which is a local newspaper. According to its website, “The Limerick Post weekly newspaper is distributed throughout Limerick City and County in the region of Munster. It is considered Limerick’s most popular newspaper with a circulation of over 53,000 copies per week and an estimated readership of 238,500.” The Post has a “Have Your Say” (or “Letters to the Editor”) section. In April 2016, the Roman Catholics of Limerick made a procession through the city carrying an icon of Mary, which had been “blessed by the pope.” My first letter opposing such idolatry was published on April 9. This elicited several responses, to which I responded in subsequent weeks. After a while, an atheist, seeing the discussion, demanded proof for the existence of God, and I responded to him the following week. On one occasion, four unbelievers responded to my letters, and I was afforded the opportunity to respond. To date, eight of my letters have been published with only minor editing, the latest one being last week. Best of all, each letter is published with the signature, “Martyn McGeown, Limerick Reformed Fellowship.” (I received e-mail from a Roman Catholic, to which I responded at length. That e-mail was republished on the RFPA blog. Others have told me that they have seen the letters in the Post. It is quite a challenge and privilege to respond to atheists, and to do so in only about 300 words. Once the debate winds down, I will publish the letters online).

Limerick July 2016 Hilts Kikkert            This past weekend, the CPRC in Ballymena had some 40+ visitors. I managed to attract a few pre-conference (Brian, Jillian and Josiah Hilt, and Averly Kikkert [Wingham PRC], and Katie and Megan Higgs [EPCA, Brisbane, Australia]) and post-conference visitors (Ed Bos [Grace PRC, MI], Phil Harbach [Grandville PRC, MI], Timothy Spence [CPRC Ballymena, and Greg, Candace, Patrick and Megan Duerr [Covenant PRC, Spokane, WA]) to Limerick, an experience our little group always enjoys.  

Pray for us, as we do for you,

  In Christian love,

  Rev. Martyn McGeown


News from the PRC in the Philippines - June 18, 2016

LTrinidad preaching exam 2016
Rev.L. Trinidad preaching before the PRCP Classis.

Maranatha PRC

From the Maranatha PRC in the Philippines we receive notice of this significant news from this past week:

The Classis of the Protestant Reformed Churches in the Philippines (PRCP)met on Monday, June 13, 2016 in the Maranatha PRC in Valenzuela from 9:00 am until about 4:30 pm. The main item on the agenda was the examination, according to Article 9 of the Church Order, of Rev. Leovy Trinidad (pastor of the MPRC in Valenzuela).

Rev. Trinidad preached a sermon on John 1:1, and then underwent 3+ hours of oral examination. The brother gave a very good account of his knowledge of and convictions concerning the Reformed faith, and the Classis unanimously approved his examination. The Classis gave him a Classical Diploma and declared him a minister of the Word and sacraments within the PRCP.

We thank the Lord for adding another pastor to the PRCP denomination, and for upholding Rev. Trinidad during his examination.

Classis exam Trinidad 2016 2
Rev.J. Flores announces Classis' approval of the exam.

LTrinidad wife 2016
Rev. L.Trinidad with his wife Zeny.

For more on this meeting of Classis and this blessed event, visit the Kleyn's blog.


Mission News from the Philippines - June, 2016


Here is the latest news from the PRC mission field in the Philippines (June 2016), taken from the Maranatha PRC bulletin:

  • Rev. Daniel and Sharon Kleyn hope to go on a furlough from June 14 until July 28. During their absence, Rev. R.Smit has agreed, with his consistory’s approval (First PRC, Grand Rapids, MI), to be in the Philippines for 4 Sundays. He is scheduled to preach in Provident Christian Church on June 26 and July 10, to lead some of our Thursday evening Bible studies, and to teach some of the Catechism classes.
  • The Classis of the Protestant Reformed Churches in the Philippines will meet on Monday, June 13, the Lord willing, at 9:00 a.m. in the Maranatha PRC in Valenzuela. At this classis, Rev. Leovy Trinidad (cf. picture of his family) will submit to an oral examination with a view to being declared a minister of the Word and Sacraments within the PRCP. This is a public meeting, so that anyone who desires to do so is welcome to attend and to observe the examination.
  • The next 7M is scheduled for Tuesday, June 28, 2016 to be led by Rev. R.Smit at the Provident Village, Marikina City.
  • The Doon PRC has arranged for Rev. Daniel Holstege to be installed in Doon as a missionary to the Philippines on Friday, July 1, the Lord willing. The date of the Holstege family moving to the Philippines hasn’t been determined yet. Let us pray for them.

PRC Missions in the Philippines - May 2016 Newsletter

YPConf 2016 1Our missionary in the Philippines, along with the Foreign Mission Committee and the calling church, Doon PRC Council, have just published their latest newsletter.

The May 2016 issue, penned by Missionary-pastor D.Kleyn, provides information on the recent visitors/helpers to the field and the ongoing busyness of the labors in the various places in the Philippines. He also calls attention to and expresses deep gratitude for the provision of a second missionary for the field - Rev. Daniel Holstege.

Let's remember to pray for the Kleyns as they serve the Lord and His people in distant lands - and for the Holsteges as they prepare for the labors and life of this field. May they all experience the unfailing presence of their Lord and the faithful support of their fellow-saints.

You will find the full newsletter below in both print and image form, and in addition the May newsletter is attached here in pdf form. You may also visit the Kleyn's blog to see a more personal side to the life and work in this foreign land.




PRCA Missionary: Rev. Daniel Kleyn – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Greetings from the Philippines to our fellow saints in the Protestant Reformed Churches. It has been quite a few months since the last newsletter, thus high time to fill you in again with some Philippine mission field news. Here are some of the highlights for each of the past months.


• At the beginning of the month of December, we enjoyed a one week visit from some of the Kleyns (4 brothers and 2 nieces). For three of them, this was their first time here. In addition to visiting and worshiping in two of the PRCP churches on Sunday, we also had time to do some sightseeing together. The visits by family are definitely a highlight.

• A delegation of the PRCA’s Contact Committee was here from December 11-21. Prof. Dykstra and Prof.Cammenga came on this visit. Their purpose was to meet with the Consistories of the PRCP in order to begin the work toward a sister-church relationship between the PRCA and the PRCP, something the PRCP requested. Two meetings were held during which inquiry was especially made concerning agreement in doctrine, worship, walk of life, and church government. It was evident to all involved that the Lord has blessed the two denominations with unity in all these areas. Discussion also took place concerning the process of actually establishing a sister-church relationship. The CC of the PRCA now plans to report to Synod concerning their visit and to seek Synod’s permission to proceed. The professors each preached twice on the Sundays they were here and were thus able also to meet the members of the churches. Each of them also gave a speech for our 7M pastors’ classes. Their visit was greatly appreciated. The PRCP is very thankful for this positive response to the request for a sister-church relationship and grateful that the process has now begun. May God’s blessing rest on this work.


• Rev. Daniel & Leah Holstege visited in January. Leah came for one week (January 8-15), and Rev. Holstege for three (January 8-25). Rev. Holstege had opportunity to preach and teach in most of the churches that are part of the PRCP and/or part of our mission work. This included lectures he gave for the pastors’ classes in Manila (7M) as well as the pastors’ classes in Negros (SNO). It was good to receive his help, and the saints here enjoyed hearing him and getting to know them, too. Little did the Holsteges (or we) know at the time that he would be the next minister to receive the call to serve as a missionary here. But the Lord no doubt gave them the opportunity to visit here as a way to help them in their consideration of that call. We also look back to their visit now with much thanks to the Lord for the time we could spend with Rev. & Leah. We did not really know them that well (nor they us, for that matter), thus it was good to have this time to get to know each other.


• The main event in February was the annual delegation visit of Doon PRC and the Foreign Mission Committee. We thoroughly enjoyed the visit of Rev. Engelsma and Deacon Lee Hoekstra, along with Lee’s wife Joann. The delegation was able to visit and meet all of the churches and groups in which I am currently working. This gave them a good taste of the mission labors, along with some of the challenges in the work. Their time among us was a great encouragement to us in the work. Joann’s presence (along with that of the other wives who have been here in the past months) was greatly appreciated by Sharon, as well as by the saints in the churches and among our contacts here. We thank the delegation for their visit, and the denomination for the interest in and support for the work that such a visit shows.

• Another significant event in February was the Classis meeting of the PRCP, which was held in Maranatha PRC on the 25th. Rev. Ibe chaired the meeting. One of the main items on the agenda was the request of Rev. Leovino Trinidad (pastor of the Maranatha PRC) to be examined by the Classis according to Article 9 of the Church Order with a view to being declared a minister of the Word and Sacraments within the PRCP. Classis approved the request on the ground that the requirements of Article 9 of the Church Order had been met, and subsequently scheduled his examination for the next regular Classis meeting (Monday, June 13). Classis also adopted an exam schedule, with the 12 sections of the exam being divided equally between Rev. Flores, Rev. Ibe, and myself. Rev. Trinidad is now busy preparing himself for this examination. We pray the Lord uses it to provide another faithful minister of the gospel within the PRCP.

MARCH 2016

• The main event in March (really in the whole of the past year) was that the Lord provided another man to serve as a missionary in the Philippines. We are both very thankful to the Lord for leading Rev. Holstege to accept the call. We were very excited to hear the good news, as were also the members of the churches and groups here. We are grateful to the Holsteges for their willingness to take up this work alongside us. We especially thank the Lord for His faithfulness in calling and sending Rev. Holstege. We look forward to the Holsteges arriving here and to the many years, the Lord willing, of laboring together in the Philippines.

• A longtime contact, Ray Rodriguez, organized a conference in the San Pedro CRC and asked me to give three speeches there on Friday, March 25. The topics were Common Grace vs Particular Grace, The Doctrine of Double Predestination, and Objections to Predestination. Approximately 30 people attended, including a good number of young people and young adults from the San Pedro CRC. The conference went well and the speeches were well received. I was pleasantly surprised by this with regard to the issue of common grace vs particular grace. The elders asked me more than once if I would be able to come and speak again. They also asked if I might be available to preach for them on Sundays sometime.

• Rev. Spriensma and his wife Alva arrived on March 25. On their first Sunday here, Rev. Spriensma preached for both worship services in the Berean Protestant Reformed Church. This gave the Spriensmas the opportunity to become reacquainted with the saints they had come to know and to love in the BPRC during their 5 years in the Philippines (2002-2007). They thoroughly enjoyed this, as did the members of the BPRC. Rev. Spriensma also preached and lectured in some of the other churches and groups during their time here. We once again enjoyed this visit. In some ways it was an opportunity to repay them for their hospitality to us when we visited them here in 2003 (not knowing at that time that we would one day be living and working here in their place). The Spriensmas returned home again on April 4.

APRIL 2016

• The PRC in Bulacan hosted a Youth Conference on Saturday, April 9. The theme was “Biblical Courtship and Marriage,” and speeches were given by Rev. Ibe, Rev. Flores, and myself. Attendance was around 120, which included many visitors from outside the PRCP as well as a good number of adults/parents (You’re never too old to learn about dating!). Rev. Spriensma was able to attend and to participate in an open forum and give closing remarks. The speeches were well received and the day an encouragement to all.

• Book sales continue to go very well here, thus Sharon has frequently needed to submit orders for more books from the RFPA. As an example of good sales, we recently sold a combined total of 250 books at two separate conferences, and then also sold and shipped more than 130 books to three different contacts in Negros Occidental. The shipments from the USA take about two months to get here, which means we have often had to tell people, “No stock now!” But three large boxes of books arrived at the beginning of the month, so back-orders have been filled and our shelves are stocked again – for a while. Both we and the saints here thank the churches for the collections which subsidize book prices and thus enable our fellow believers here to obtain Reformed literature at very affordable prices.

• We recently made plans for our biyearly furlough. We are scheduled to leave here on June 14 (the day after the PRCP Classis meets), and to return home again on July 28. We plan to spend the first week in the Midwest, in order to attend Synod and to spend time in our calling church (Doon PRC). Rev. Richard Smit has received permission from his consistory to cover for me for four weeks of our six week absence. We appreciate that very much, as do the saints here. We are beginning to look forward to spending time among you all and with our families. We also hope to spend a good amount of time with the Holsteges.

We thank you for your continued support of the work here and for your prayers for us and the saints. We especially remember the Holsteges in prayer as they begin adjusting to the significant changes they have ahead of them and while they start making the necessary preparations for the move and the work here. Until next time, we send our Christian love and greetings to you all.

Rev. Daniel Kleyn

Philippines Newsletter May 2016 Page 1Philippines Newsletter May 2016 Page 2


Philippine Mission News, May 1, 2016 - Rev.D. Holstege Farewell and Preparation

Daniel HolstegeFrom a couple of our PRC congregation bulletins we learn the following concerning Rev. Daniel Holstege who on March 20, 2016 accepted the call to serve as second missionary to the Philippines:

Rev. D. Holstege preaches his farewell sermon at First PRC, Holland, MI tonight [May 1, 2016]. He will begin studies in Missions and in the Tagalog language for a few months prior to moving to the mission field.

And from Doon PRC's April 24, 2016 bulletin we find this note:

The Council has set the date of his installation for Friday, July 1, at 7:00pm. Rev. Holstege will preach an inaugural sermon on Sunday, July 3.

We continue to pray for this pastor and his wife and family as he ends his ministry in First PRC of Holland and prepares to take up this work in the Philippine mission field.

For more information on this field and the work of our current missionary, Rev.D. Kleyn, visit the Kleyn's blog. Or visit the Philippine mission section of the PRC website.

San Pedro CRC 28
Missionary-pastor D. Kleyn speaking at a recent conference in San Pedro.


Philippine Mission News - April 15, 2016

Rev.Daniel and Sharon Kleyn recently posted some updates on their blog about the visit of Rev. Aud Spriensma and his wife Alva. Rev. Spriensma served a missionary to the Philippines from 2002-2007, and enjoyed renewing old friendships as well as making new ones. Below are some pictures of their visit and work.

BereanPRC April 2016

The Berean PRC with the Spriensmas in their midst on March 27, 2016.

Spriensma preaching 2016

Rev.Spriensma preaching in the Berean PRC.

Spriensma visit 1

Teaching the pastors in Sipalay on Tuesday, March 29.

Rev.Kleyn also reported on the special youth conference held in the Maranatha PRC on April 9. The conference centered on the theme "Biblical Courtship and Marriage" with speeches by Revs.D. Kleyn, V.Ibe, and J.Flores. Below are a few pictures form this event. The speeches may be found here.

YPConf 2016 1

The young people with the speakers.

YPConf 2016 2

The Organizers and Speakers: Andy Ragual, Rev. Flores, Rev. Ibe, Jeremiah Pascual, Rev. Kleyn

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