A Study in Eschatology

Rev. Jason Kortering


Chapter 1: Try the Spirits
Chapter 2: Our Life After death
Chapter 3: Evidence of Our Lord's Return
Chapter 4: The Four Horsemen
Chapter 5: The Sealing of the 144,000
Chapter 6: The Locust Out of the Abyss
Chapter 7: The Eating of the Little Book
Rev. Jason Kortering was pastor of Hope Protestant Reformed Church in Walker, Michigan from 1966-1970. During his pastorate he wrote a series of pamphlets on eschatology: the study of end times. These pamphlets have long since been out of print, but requests for them have increased tremendously in recent months....

Although these pamphlets were written over twenty years ago, they are relevant to us today more than ever. It is our prayer that this material will be a blessing an encouragment to God's people in the last days in which we live.

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