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Constitution of the Theological School Committee of the Protestant Reformed Churches

  1. While the synod itself shall care for all matters that pertain to the proper administration of our theological school, there shall be a Theological School Committee whose duty it is to supervise the school in the interim between synodical meetings, and to advise synod on matters pertaining to the welfare thereof.
  2. The Theological School Committee shall consist of no fewer than ten members. There shall be an equal representation of elders or ex-elders and of ministers on this committee at all times. They shall be elected by synod for a term of three years and are eligible for reelection.

    Because their duty is the proper administration of the school in the interim between synodical gatherings, the brethren appointed shall be chosen from the midst of those that live within a reasonably short distance from the school.

  3. This committee shall choose from its own midst a president, vice-president, secretary, and assistant secretary. This election shall take place annually, although retiring officers are eligible for reelection.
  4. The duties of this Theological School Committee shall be as follows:
    1. To appoint delegations of two brethren each to visit the classes, so that the school receives a monthly visit from the committee. The object of these visits is:
      1. To observe whether the instruction given is in full accord with Scripture and the Three Forms of Unity and in harmony with the constitution of the school.
      2. To bring written reports to the committee of these visits, which reports shall contain suggestions for the improvement of the school that the visiting delegation thinks necessary and advisable.
    2. To meet with the faculty and students together or separately, in case of difficulties among the students themselves, among the faculty, or between the students and the faculty. In such instances, such a meeting shall only take place at the request of the faculty or the students, or both.
    3. To cooperate with the faculty, in case the latter deems this necessary, in the exercise of discipline. No students shall be expelled permanently from the school without the approval of the committee.
    4. To make the necessary arrangements and preparations for the final examination of the student or students, which takes place before the synod.
    5. To approve all extra financial disbursements during the course of the school year. The committee shall appoint a delegation of two, residing near the school, to approve such disbursements.
    6. To submit to synod any recommendations it may have for the improvement of our school administration.
    7. To submit an annual, written report of its work to synod.
    8. To interview aspirants to our school, and to advise synod as to their admission to the school.
  5. The Theological School Committee may meet as often as circumstances require, but it shall meet prior to synod to adopt its report and at the beginning of the school year.
  6. This constitution as ratified by the Synod of 1941 can be altered by synod.

(Cf. Acts of Synod, 1941, Arts. 68, 71, Suppl. XXIX; Acts of Synod, 1966, Arts. 45-47, Suppl. III, IV.)