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The years 1920-1925 form a crucial period in the history of the Christian Reformed Church. During this period two doctrinal controversies troubled the churches: the Janssen controversy over the nature and authority of Scripture and the common grace controversy. The outcome of these controversies helped to set the theological direction of the Christian Reformed Church in subsequent decades.

While a reading of the decisions of the Synod of the Christian Reformed Church in 1920, 1922, 1924, and 1926 would not lead one to suspect that any connection between these two controversies was present, a study of the many brochures and articles which were written during the period prove that the two stood in the closest possible relation to each other. The common grace controversy was an inevitable result of the troubles over Dr. Janssen's teachings.

It is the purpose of this thesis to show this relationship and trace the connection between the two. The thunder of the storm which broke over the church in those years continues to reverberate down the corridors of time. An examination of this question will, therefore, be of assistance in an understanding of subsequent history in the Christian Reformed Church and will give insight into the origin of the Protestant Reformed denomination.

Last modified on 29 March 2013