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February 28 – LD 9, Day 3: My Father—How Great He Is!

Read: I Kings 8:22-53; Psalm 8:1ff.

The Almighty Father, Creator and sustainer of the universe, is our Father.  But our Father has revealed uniquely His might in the planet earth on which we live.  He who beholds that earth through the “spectacles of Scripture” can not but be awed at what is seen there.

There is the beauty of the flowers and the entire plant world.  One can be struck speechless at lovely fields of flowers.  One feels insignificant when he stands by some of the giant Redwood trees in California.  Our Father has formed, colors, and sustains each one as “with His fingers.”  One of the poets has emphasized, “Only God can make a tree.”

Then there is also the beauty of the mountains and canyons. It is an awesome experience to stand on the rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona (USA) and see its great depth and extent.  One sees there the rich colors of rock—various shades of red—which seems to alter its colors as the sun shines upon it through the day.  One is humbled by its vastness and begins to realize how insignificant he is when compared to all of that.  One might mention the vast deserts which are found on the earth.  One can gaze at the great oceans which cover so much of the earth.  God speaks—and these came into being.

But our Almighty Creator, our Father, shows His greatness and power in smallness as well.  There are little creatures, almost too small for the human eye to see; that also He created and directs.  Man, for all of his ability to make very small things, is not able to make anything like the many small insects God has made.  I marvel when I see one of these almost invisible insects.  Legs which are hardly visible, wings which one can not see—carry this insect from point to point.  And when one tries to crush that insect under one’s thumb, somehow it can sense impending destruction and escape.  All of this too is made by our Almighty Creator, and Father. 

He is my Father Can the devil have power equal to Father’s power?  Can the wisest and most clever human being successfully fight against Him?  If Father withdraws His sustaining power under them, they would cease to exist!

And the child of God believes in Him.  He trusts Him—for He is able and willing to protect and provide for His own for Jesus’ sake.

Last modified on 28 February 2016

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  • Date: 28-February
Kortering, Jason L.

Rev Jason Kortering (Wife: Jeannette)

Ordained: September 1960

Pastorates: Hull, IA - 1960; Hope, Walker, MI - 1966; Hull, IA - 1970; Hope, Redlands, CA - 1976; Loveland, CO - 1979; Grandville, MI - 1984; Minister-on-Loan (Hope PRC, Walker, MI), Singapore - 1992

Emeritus: 2002

Died and entered glory: Dec.20, 2020


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