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April 7 – LD 14, Day 6: Covering My Sins

I John 4:10 - “Herein is love, not that we loved God, but that He loved us, and sent His Son to be the propitiation for our sins.”

Notice the personal application that the catechism makes to us personally. This is a confession that we do not make in the abstract, but one which each of us makes personally from the heart by faith. We see the beauty of the catechism in moving from generalities to a very personal application. Jesus was made “like unto His brethren in all things.” But, we must get more personal. He was made like unto me, sin excepted. This was necessary so that He “covers in the sight of God, my sins.”

We who anxiously and sorrowfully confess “my sins,” also joyfully confess “my Savior!”

The profit of Christ’s conception and birth are tied directly to our personal conception and birth. We were conceived and born in sin. He was born of a virgin and sent by God to cover in God’s sight those sins. A propitiation is a covering. Jesus is the complete covering of our sins. There are no sins left uncovered.

Jesus not only had to be conceived and born in this manner for my salvation. But, He had to suffer, experience hell, go to the grave, and die. This was the way in which He would deliver you and me from the sin that clings to us. There is no other escape.

Salvation is all of God! In the midst of the reality of my sinfulness, this is my only comfort in life and in death: Jesus covers those sins now and to all eternity!

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