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November 15 - LD 46, Day 4: Sons of God the Father?

Read: John 17

One great question arises. We've considered how great our Father is (Infinite and Eternal God), and how small and sinful we are. How is it possible that we be sons of God? Is not the possibility of such a blessed fellowship and union beyond the grasp of the sinner forever?

Various answers have been given to this important question. It is frequently taught that God loves all, seeks to save all, offers salvation and sonship to all who are willing to accept it. It's a matter of man's choice. But that is a terrible, anti-scriptural conclusion. How could it ever be that the infinite God, Who sincerely loves all, and sincerely desires to save all, does not, in fact, finally save all? How can a God of infinite love towards all, cast any into hell? If He sent His Son into human flesh to save all, how can it be that any would be lost forever?

A human father will do whatever he possibly can to provide for, protect from, and save his children from all danger. Certainly he would not allow his children to die if it were in his power to deliver them! More so it is true that God will save all those whom He sincerely loves. If He sends His Son to save all whom He loves, they shall be saved.

That is not the teaching of Scripture. Scripture declares the blessed truth that God so loved the world that He sent His Son to deliver that world (John 3:16). Jesus limits the scope of the word "world" when He teaches in John 17:9, "I pray for them: I pray not for the world, but for them which thou hast given me; for they are thine." Imagine! God sent His Son into the world to enter human flesh to provide the only way of saving this "world" (all those given by God to Christ) and bringing them to glory.

So God has ordained that He would adopt unto Himself those whom He has eternally chosen as "sons of God." He is their Father. He who comes to the Father, sees in this very action the perfect work of God the Father within him.

So God's people need neither doubt nor fear to come daily, fervently, to their Father. He so loved them that He gave His only-begotten Son to atone, to pay for their sins. He will hear the cries of His "sons" and provide for their every need.

What a wonder of grace to have such a Father!

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  • Date: 15-November
Van Baren, Gise J.

Rev. G. Van Baren (Wife: Clara)

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