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First Things First

Psalm 22:15

    Down unto death Thou leadest Me,
    Consumed by thirst and agony;
    With cruel hate and anger fierce
    My helpless hands and feet they pierce.

Such is our versification (PRC Psalter) of Psalm 22:15 where David wrote: "My strength is dried up like a potsherd; my tongue cleaveth to my jaws; and Thou hast brought me into the dust of death."  Plainly here we have a prophecy of Jesus' words on the cross: "I thirst."

It is, however, interesting to note that in John 19:28 we read it like this, "After this, Jesus knowing that all things were accomplished, that the Scripture might be fulfilled, saith, I thirst." Undoubtedly, then, He spoke these words after the three hours of darkness and His cry, "My God, my God, why hast Thou forsaken me?" For John states that the Scriptures were fulfilled; and His suffering the hellish agonies fulfilled the requirements for our salvation. He had completely suffered the wrath of God against our sins, and began to feel the miseries of His body again. For almost twenty-four hours He had not had a drop of water to drink while under tremendous physical strain.

What an example we have here! By some it is claimed that Jesus cries of thirst for God's fellowship. However, John points to the fact that all was accomplished. The agony of being forsaken of God is past. We should, therefore, see that Jesus rates the spiritual suffering of being forsaken of God above His physical miseries. Not till all the misery of being forsaken of God is past does He become aware of His bodily woes.

Are you ready to put the spiritual first? Can you put your physical, material needs behind you to seek and enjoy the spiritual things of God's kingdom? Is God's love to you more important than this world and its gold and silver and fleshly pleasures? Are first things first in your life? Remember that Jesus told us first to seek the kingdom of heaven and its righteousness. A good example He certainly reveals here to us.

Read: John 19:25-42 
Psalter versification: #47:8

Song for Meditation: Psalter #23
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Luke 9:28-50 
Psalm 73:1-28 
Proverbs 12:10


Quote for Reflection:

"…We were all lost in Adam; and therefore, had not God, through his own election, rescued us from perishing, there was nothing to be foreseen. -- John Calvin

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Heys, John A.

Rev. John A. Heys was born on March 16, 1910 in Grand Rapids, MI. He was ordained and installed into the ministry at Hope, Walker, MI in 1941.  He later served at Hull, Iowa beginning in 1955.  In 1959 he accepted the call to serve the South Holland, IL Protestant Reformed Church.  He received and accepted the call to Holland, Michigan Protestant Reformed Church in 1967.  He retired from the active ministry in 1980.  He entered into glory on February 16, 1998.