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Jehovah Our Righteousness

What we considered yesterday is the truth that we have salvation as a wonderful gift from God. This is explained in Jeremiah 23:6 by the truth that our Savior is "The Lord our righteousness." Today we had better delve a bit deeper into that truth.

Jeremiah wrote in this verse that God's church -- called Judah and Israel in the text -- shall be saved and will dwell safely. All this is presented to us because Israel was a type of God's church. The name "Israel," which was given to Jacob, means "Prince of God." The name "Lord" here in Jeremiah 23:5 is literally "Jehovah"; and, as we noted, "Jehovah" means "I Am." Thus, what Jeremiah wrote was that Jehovah Our Righteousness is our Savior's name.

Now, Christ is called this because He is the Second Person of the Holy Trinity. He came to dwell in our flesh, but His person is that of the Son of God. This explains how He could suffer and die and thereby pay for our sins.

He saved us in the sense of redeeming us, that is, of buying salvation for us by His blood and suffering. That punishment and death we deserve. He bought freedom from these, and He also bought everlasting blessedness. Redemption does not merely set us free from punishment, but also gives us everlasting glory and joy.

What a salvation then do we have! What a blessed day it was when God Himself came into our flesh in order to take away our guilt and give us heavenly blessedness! We are not simply freed from the cruelty and wickedness of our spiritual enemies. We are given unspeakable joy through Christ as the Lord Our Righteousness. Jehovah, the I Am Who changes not, made us righteous.

This day which men call Christmas is the day when God gave us a most wonderful and everlasting gift. We are righteous, because we belong to Jehovah the Righteous One. Thank God for making you righteous through Jehovah Our Righteousness.

Read: Psalm 130

Daily Meditations on the Heidelberg Catechism

Through the Bible in One Year
Read today:
Hosea 10 ; Hosea 11 ; Hosea 12 ; Hosea 13 ; Hosea 14 
Jude 1:1-25 
Psalm 127:1-5 
Proverbs 29:15-17 
Quote for Reflection:

"Raising covenant children is arguably the most important thing that Christians do in the Kingdom. God has chosen in His sovereign wisdom and mercy to make the church herself the ‘seedbed of election.’ ~ Richard Bacon

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