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62. The Friendship of the Lord



1. The man that fears the Lord
God's ways shall understand;
His soul shall ever dwell at ease,
His children rule the land. 

2. The friendship of the Lord
Is ever with His own,
And unto those that fear His name
His faithfulness is shown. 

3. My eyes are evermore
Toward Thee, O Lord, Whose care
Shall surely save my heedless feet
From every hidden snare. 

4. O turn to me Thy face,
To me Thy mercy show,
For I am very desolate
And brought exceeding low.


Last modified on 11 March 2013

Additional Info

  • Psalter #: 62
  • # Stanzas: 4
  • Metre: S.M.
  • Video: No
  • Psalm: 25
  • Type: Normal