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189. Prayer for Help



1. Make haste, O God, to save;
To help me, Lord, make haste;
Ashamed, confounded, they shall be
Who would my life lay waste.

2. They shall be put to shame
That in my hurt delight,
And backward in dishonor turned,
Their mocking to requite.

3. All they that seek Thy face
With joy in Thee abide,
And, loving Thy salvation, say,
Let God be magnified.

4. In need am I, and poor;
O God, make haste, I pray;
Thou art my Saviour and my help,
O Lord, make no delay.




Last modified on 26 March 2013

Additional Info

  • Psalter #: 189
  • # Stanzas: 4
  • Metre: S.M.
  • Video: Yes
  • Psalm: 70
  • Type: Normal