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Old Bulletins/Programs/Books

Old Bulletins/Programs/Books (including the pre-PRC years):

Picture of Eastern Ave. CRC today (taken May 2012)

Eastern Ave. CRC

  • Eastern Ave (Protesting) Christian Reformed Church (January 3, 1926 - after Rev.H. Hoeksema was deposed and formed his own congregation but before she was renamed 'First Protestant Reformed Church) - outsideinside

  • Early Bulletin (Jan., 1927) of First Protestant Reformed Church after she changed her name to First PRC in 1926: Outsideinside

  • Doon PRC (Feb.23,1947)

The first, official history of the PRC was written by Rev. Herman Hoeksema and was published in 1936. Somewhat rare to be found now, it is commonly known as the old "red book" in the PRC (because of its red cover). The entire book has been scanned and posted on our website, and may be read here. Below are two pictures of the book: the front cover and the title page.

PRC BookPRC Book



Picture of Eastern Ave. Christian Reformed Church Consistory
Deposed with Rev. Herman Hoeksema on December 12, 1924

First Issue of Beacon Lights, the magazine for the Young People (January, 1941)

Our Church News - A Protestant Reformed weekly newspaper, dated July 4, 1941; published in Grand Rapids

Concordia Magazine (old PRC "newspaper" started by 6 churches in NW Iowa and Minnesota in1944. Rev.Gerrit Vos was the first editor in chief. This periodical would play a key role in the Split of 1953.)

Fuller's Courier, July 1945 Issue - a special publication of 1st PRC, Grand Rapids during WW II reporting on the many soldiers involved in the war. Outsideinside (includes a beautiful poem written by one of the soldiers)

Sovereign Grace Hour Booklets (An old radio program broadcast out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota)

Reformed Witness Hour Special Programs Commemorating Milestones in the Radio Ministry

  • 100th Broadcast: Early 1943? at First PRC, Grand Rapids. Outside of program; inside

  • 150th Broadcast: 5th year (1946) at First PRC, Grand Rapids. Combined pages

  • 200th Broadcast: November 17, 1946 at First PRC, Grand Rapids. Outside of program;inside

  • 300th Broadcast: October 14/17, 1948 at First PRC, Grand Rapids. Rev.H.Hoeksema was back to speak for the first time in a year after suffering a stroke.

  • Outside of program; inside

  • Special Picture of Men's Radio Choir in First PRC, Grand Rapids during live broadcast, around 1952

  • 700th Broadcast: June 3, 1956 at First PRC, Grand Rapids. Inside of program; cover;special picture of Radio Choir

  • 1000th Broadcast: January 25, 1962 at First PRC, Grand Rapids. Outside of program;inside

  • 2000th Broadcast: May 10, 1981 at First PRC, Grand Rapids. Prof.R.Decker speaking.Combined pages

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