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India Mission Trip Updates

2014 Delegation-Vellore IndiaAfter a lengthy travel delay due to bad weather in the Eastern U.S. last weekend, Prof. and Mrs.B.Gritters and Elder and Mrs. D.Wassink arrived safely in Vellore, India early Sunday morning. And after a brief rest and a warm welcome, they dug into their work. You may find daily updates and pictures on Georgetown PRC's Facebook page. Here's a sample from Prof.Gritters on the first day of the conference on Reformed church government:

Today I did finish my first section: What IS the church; discussed the idea of the church and then its marks, then the false church--lots of discussion there.

Tomorrow, DV, the calling of the church. First, the offices, and show that the offices of apostle and prophet are no longer in the church after the apostles passed away--thus no miracles; you remember this as part of the questions last year. Then, the WORK of the church as it fits with the three offices.

Then, Thursday, DV, the calling of the member of the church, harmonizing with the three-fold office of believer. Lots of material and not enough time. 

The picture of the white board is my notes and Paul's addition in Tamil script (See the additional pictures at the Facebook link - cjt.)

Lori's hand with a lady of the fellowship at the conference. She and lori were washing hands together, and she spontaneously took Lori's hand and remarked at the different colors. Apicture to show the unity of the church that we've been teaching.

ProfBGritters teaching-Jan2014-1