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New Issue of "Covenant Reformed News"

CR News head

The latest issue of the "Covenant Reformed News" has been published, and once again it contains two interesting and edifying articles.

The first is by Rev.Angus Stewart, pastor of the Covenant PRC in Ballymena, N.Ireland. It is titled "The Dove-Like Spirit at Jesus' Baptism". From his article you will learn why the dove was such a fitting symbol of the Holy Spirit at the time Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist.

The second article is penned by emeritus PRC Seminary professor Herman Hanko and is based on a question from a reader. Taking a look at 2 Kings 1 and Luke 9, Hanko explains why "fire from heaven" was appropriate in one context and not in another. You will want to read this article as well.

Besides finding the individual articles at the links provided here, you will also find the "CR News" in pdf form attached here.

If you have missed past issues of this solid Reformed publication, visit this page to find them.