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Constitution of the Catechism Book Committee

  1. Name

    The name of the committee shall be the “Catechism Book Committee.”

  2. Constituency
    1. The committee shall consist of three ministers and two elders or ex-elders from the Chicago-area churches.
    2. The members shall be appointed by the synod for a term of three years and are eligible for reappointment.
  3. Officers

    A president and a secretary shall be chosen annually from the constituency of the committee.

  4. Duties
    1. Make recommendations to synod regarding the improvement of existing catechism material and the addition of new catechism material.
    2. Review existing material for factual errors, correct the errors, and notify the Catechism Book Distribution Committee before reprinting.
    3. Review catechism materials submitted to the committee and make recommendations to synod.
    4. Make an annual report to synod of the activities of the committee.
  5. Procedure
    1. Those who write new catechism materials or who make suggestions for changing/correcting our present materials shall submit these to the Catechism Book Committee.
    2. The Catechism Book Committee shall make a preliminary review of those materials and make a recommendation to synod.
    3. Synod shall then decide whether further action is necessary and instruct the Catechism Book Committee as to its mandate with regard to those materials.
    4. After provisional synodical approval of new materials, the Catechism Book Committee shall request some of our ministers/churches to make use of such materials on an experimental basis and suggest changes for their improvement. This shall be done before the final review by the committee and final approval by synod.

    (Cf. Acts of Synod, 1995, Art. 30, Suppl. 12; Acts of Synod 2002, Art. 40.)