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Ministerial Certificate of Dismissal and Testimony

The Consistory of the Protestant Reformed Church of ___________________ declares by these presents that the Rev. _________________________, in this church from _______________ 20 _____ to ______________ 20_______, has ministered in the office of minister of the Divine Word faithfully and diligently, adhering in doctrine and life to the Word of God, as interpreted by our Forms of Unity and the Church Order.

And considering that sufficient reasons have been adduced for the consistory to acquiesce in his acceptance of the call of the church of ___________________________, we unhesitatingly recommend him to the Classis ________ and to the church of ___________________, with the prayer that the great King of the church, who says to this one of His servants “go” and he goeth, and to that one “come” and he cometh, may make him there also a rich blessing.

Resolved to give him this testimonial of dismission at our meeting of ___________________, 20_____.

The consistory of the above-named church,

________________________, President

____________________________, Clerk

Classis _______________, in which the congregation of _______________________ belongs, approves the above credential and transfers our beloved brother in the ministry to the Classis ________________, in whose midst our brother expects to serve the church of ____________________ as pastor and minister.

On behalf of said classis,



Done this ___________ day of _______________, 20____.

The classical committee of Classis ____________, having examined the above credentials, approves them and herewith authorizes the counselor of the church of __________________________ to proceed to the installation.

The above-named classical committee,



(Cf. Acts of Synod, 1945, Arts. 40, 51; Acts of Synod, 1946, Arts. 17, 19.)