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Saved by Grace - Foreword

This is not your standard treatise on the "five points of Calvinism" or, as these grand truths are also called, "the doctrines of grace."

There is the clear, biblical explanation of the doctrines remembered by "TULIP" that one might find elsewhere.

But this work is a consistent exposition of God's sovereignty in the gracious salvation of sinners. It does not suffer from the confusion, contradiction, and compromise that characterize many similar efforts: God elected some but wills to save all, the natural man is totally depraved but performs many good works, Christ died only for the elect but "is dead" for everyone who hears the gospel, the actual saving of sinners is by irresistible grace but must take place by a "well-meant offer" made alike to all.

Saved by Grace is a thorough exposition of the truth of salvation by grace alone. It neither ignores nor softens the especially offensive aspects of the five points: the wickedness of all the deeds of the unregenerated, the eternal reprobation of some persons, the exclusion of some from the atonement of Christ and from all its benefits, the will of God with the preaching of the gospel that it harden some who hear.

Here is a bold defense of the gospel of grace. The book answers the objections. It exposes and destroys the foes (within the sphere of professing Calvinists as well as without the camp). It flies the banner of full, consistent Calvinism with never a trace of shame.

The reason in the end is simply living knowledge of the triune God as revealed in Jesus Christ as really sovereign.

Such an exposition of the doctrines that make up the gospel is the need of our, and every other, time.


Protestant Reformed Seminary

Grandville, Michigan

Last modified on 19 January 2013