April 2 – LD 14, Day 1: The First State of Humiliation
by Rev Allen Brummel

Philippians 2:7 “But made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men.”

This Lord’s Day begins a treatment of the humiliation of Jesus Christ. We talk about five states in Jesus humiliation: His lowly birth, lifelong suffering, death, burial, and descent into hell.

Jesus’ humble birth was an act of marvelous love.  Nothing compelled Him to become a man.  He voluntarily took to Himself our flesh and blood.  Being born of a woman and lying as a newborn baby in the manger was an equally great and conscious act of love by Jesus as hanging on the cross.

The virgin birth is much more than an important doctrine we must embrace- it was an act of love on the part of Jesus Christ.  We will talk of the love of God in sending His own Son. But, no less of a wonder is the love of the Son in taking on Himself the form of a man. Jesus’ birth was an act of love which He Himself willed.  He who possessed the glory of the godhead and dwelled in heaven made Himself of no reputation for our salvation.  He came from life to death so that He could give His people everlasting life.

From the moment of Jesus’ birth a wonderful union came into existence: God and man in one Person.  This is a divine mystery.  Christ never shrank back from coming into our flesh even though He knew that human life would be one of continual suffering.  What a humbling truth- Jesus Christ entered this veil of tears for me!