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Classis West Officebearers' Conference - Sept.23, 2014

The special committee of Classis West announces that a special Officebearers' Conference on preaching will be held September 23, 2014 in Peace PRC, Lansing, IL, the day before the next meeting of Classis West (See note below about links to the audio versions of these speeches.)

The public is invited, but especially area officebearers - elders, deacons, and pastors are encouraged to attend. Lunch will be provided. Please contact the church or Rev.C.Spronk for more information.

The special flyer prepared for this event is posted below, as well as a pdf version of it for your own publication and posting.

OBConf-Preaching-CLWest-Sept2014 Page 1

*Note: The four speeches of this conference are now available in audio form on Peace PRC's Sermonaudio page. The links are provided here:

  1. Developing Your Preaching Beyond Seminary - Missionary-pastor W.Bruinsma
  2. The Important Place of Application in Reformed Preaching - Prof.B.Gritters
  3. The Art of Making Christ-Centered Sermons, with Biblical Illustrations - Prof.R.Dykstra
  4. The Elders' Supervision of the Preaching - Prof.R.Cammenga
Last modified on 26 September 2014