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January 2015 Newsletter from Covenant PRC, N.Ireland

Our sister church in Northern Ireland, Covenant PRC, Ballymena, has just released her latest newsletter. In the January 2015 issue Rev.Angus Stewart reports on the latest activities inside and outside the congregation, with special focus on the recent visit of the PRC delegation, Prof.B.Gritters and Mr.David Kregel, along with their wives.

Rev.Stewart also reports on his busy activities in the congregation and the work of spreading the Reformed faith through the CPRC website - especially the many translations!

Be sure to read this newsletter below to be better informed of what our "sister" and her pastor are doing in the British Isles. This newsletter is also attached here in pdf form (see below).

CPRC Newsletter Jan 2015 1CPRC Newsletter Jan 2015 2

Last modified on 21 January 2015