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Reformed Witness Hour Messages for April 2015

First PRC of Grand Rapids, MI and the Reformed Witness Hour Committee announce the messages scheduled for April 2015 on the RWH radio program.

revrkleynRev.Rodney Kleyn, pastor of the Covenant of Grace PRC in Spokane, WA will begin the month with a special Easter message and then will do a brief series on the importance of public worship from the viewpoint of the end of Hebrews 10.

Below is the schedule of messages, which you will also find attached in pdf form.

We may also report that the RWH is returning to the airwaves in New York City - Long Island to be exact! Starting Easter Sunday, April 5, we will be broadcasting our program on HOPE Radio on Long Island, New York – reaching up to three million people through six FM frequencies each Sunday morning! Here are the details:

"The Reformed Witness Hour" airing Sun.@ 8:30AM/ *6* frequencies:
  1. 101.5FM (Nassau & West Suffolk County, NY)
  2. 94.9FM (West/Central Suffolk County, NY)
  3. 104.5FM (Central Suffolk County, NY)
  4. 96.5FM (Central/East Suffolk County, NY)
  5. 96.9 FM (Central/East Suffolk County, NY)
  6. 107.1FM (Central/East Suffolk County, NY)

For the rest of our stations and times for listening to the RWH program, visit the RWH website. Be sure to listen each Sunday on a station near you - or anytime through our website!

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Last modified on 02 April 2015