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PRC Seminary Updates - January 2016

Sem sign winter 2016

After the completion of first semester exams and the two-week Christmas/New Year break, the PRC Seminary is once again full of activity. Below are a few updates that can be given at the beginning of January 2016:

  • The Seminary Interim is now in session (8 days, from Jan.4-13). Prof.B. Gritters is teaching a new course this year - Reformed Covenantal Ethics (see picture below). At the conclusion of the Interim class, Prof.R. Cammenga and all of the students will be traveling to Southern California to attend the Westminster Seminary conference. They will also be staying the weekend in Redlands, CA and fellowshiping with the members of our Hope PRC there. Second semester classes will begin on Wednesday, Jan.20, D.V.

Interim 2016

  • Once again the Seminary is inviting those who are interested to attend selected classes this coming semester (starts Wed., Jan.20).  The classes that are open to auditors the second semester are the following:  Medieval Church History and Reformed Symbols (a study of the nature of confessions and the HC and BC) by Prof. R.Dykstra; Dogmatics (Soteriology - study of doctrine of salvation), and New Testament History (Passion Week through the missionary journeys of Paul) by Prof. R.Cammenga.  If you are interested in attending any of these classes, please call the Seminary at (616) 531-1490 to find what times they meet (or check the class schedule below).  “Registration” by January 19 is important. (The 2nd semester schedule is attached in pdf here.)
  • Plans are being made for the soon-to-be senior seminarian internships, which begin this summer (July 1-Dec.31, 2016). At this time, the following internships have been proposed by the faculty, approved by PRC Councils, and made public:
    • Matt DeBoer in Georgetown PRC (Hudsonville, MI), under Rev.C. Haak
    • Brian Feenstra to Loveland PRC (Colorado), under Rev.S. Key
    • Joe Holstege to Calvary PRC (Hull, IA), under Rev.C. Griess
    • Jonathan Langerak to Edgerton PRC (Minnesota), under Rev.D. Kuiper
    • Aaron Lim to CERC (Singapore), under Rev.A.Lanning
    • David Noorman to Hope PRC (Redlands, CA), under Rev.B. Huizinga
    • Justin Smidstra to Faith PRC (Jenison, MI) under Rev.C. Spronk
    • Stephan Regnerus to SE PRC (Grand Rapids, MI), under Rev.W. Langerak

Let us continue to remember the professors, students, and staff in prayer as they finish the Interim this week and prepare for second semester classes.

Last modified on 17 January 2016