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Sem sign winter 2016
Thou therefore, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus. And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses,
the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also.
2 Timothy 2:1,2

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 Special Notes (January 2019):

  • Seminary has now completed its 2019 Interim course (Jan.4-15).  Prof. B. Gritters taught his "Heidelberg Catechism Preaching" class, which was live-streamed on the seminary's Youtube channel. You may also find the saved videos from the class at that YouTube link, if you wish to benefit from the class at your convenience.

  • The second semester is scheduled to begin on Tuesday, Jan.22, D.V. The schedule of courses and calendar of events for the 2nd semester may be found on this page. In that connection the faculty sends out this note about auditing classes:
    "The Seminary again welcomes members to attend classes in the coming semester.  Four different classes are open to the public.  For Prof. R. Cammenga: Dogmatics Locus Soteriology (the doctrine of salvation) and Old Testament History (Judges through the return from Captivity).  For Prof. R. Dykstra: Medieval Church History and New Testament Isagogics (introduction).  Class sessions are scheduled to begin on Tuesday January 22.  A schedule of the classes (for the days and times) is available on the Seminary website. If you would like to attend, please call the seminary (531-1490) to register with our secretary, Sharon Kleyn."

  • The faculty and students will be attending a Reformed conference on the Synod of Dordt (400th anniversary) this weekend at Westminster Seminary West (Escondido, CA). They will spend Saturday night and Sunday in fellowship and worship with the members of Hope PRC in Redlands, CA.

  • The Fall 2018 issue of the PR Theological Journal is now available. The digital versions (pdf, ePub, Mobi) may be found here. The print version was mailed out the week of Christmas. If you would like a copy, you may stop by the seminary and pick one up If you would like to be added to the mailing list, please contact the seminary.

  • The internships of Seminarians Matt Kortus and Jacob Maatman came to an official end on Dec.31. Sem. Kortus interned at Trinity PRC under Rev. N. Decker (now pastor at Grandville PRC) and the Council there. Sem. Maatman interned at Hudsonville PRC under Rev. G. Eriks and his Council. These two seniors are now taking their final Interim course and will soon begin their final semester. May God continue to bless their studies and prepare them for the gospel ministry in the PRC.
  • The PRC Synod 2018 took a decision urging “the churches and the pastors in particular in their public prayers to pray the Lord of the harvest for able, faithful, and devoted pastors and teachers (Ephesians 4:11) for us and our children, as well as for the gathering of the elect out of the nations (Matthew 28:19).” A number of ministers are nearing the age of emeritation, and the number of students in the seminary at this time will not be sufficient to fill the upcoming needs of our churches either in our own congregations or in the work of missions. Please remember this urgent need in your prayers and encourage young men whom you observe to have the gifts to consider the ministry.

Sem addit spancrete roof Jan 2019 1

  • Work continues on the seminary addition project that will house the new PRC archives and two offices during the professor transition period in the next few years.


  • The Seminary faculty along with Trinity PRC Evangelism Committee are working on plans for a Spring 2019 conference to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the great Synod of Dordt, 1618-19-2018-19. The following updates are being given:
    Dordt 400: Did you know November 13 1618, 400 years ago, the Synod of Dordt began and didn’t conclude until nearly 6 months and 154 meetings later?! Are you familiar with the preceding history that led to this lengthy meeting? Do you know the week by week events that happened during the Great Synod? Follow that history and join the blog at to view the weekly events  Synod of Dordt. Stay up to speed in light of Seminary's conference April 25-27 2019.

    Dordt 400 Writing contest:  Don’t forget that the conference also includes a writing contest with great prizes!  Sign up and submit your essay by January 15 at the conference website


"The aim is never to master the Word, but to be mastered by it."  (D. A. Carson)

New PR Theological Journal Now Available - Fall 2018

The PRC Seminary faculty announces that the Fall 2018 issue of the Protestant Reformed Theological Journal is now available in pdf form (see attached).

The print issue and the other digital formats (mobi and epub) will be available in a few weeks, but you can begin to read this new issue now in its pdf version.

 PRTJ Fall 2018 cover

As you will see from the cover, the issue is packed with the fruits of solid Reformed reading, research, and reflection - all for the rich benefit of our readers. 

Editor, Prof. R. Cammenga, introduces the issue with these "notes:"

This issue of our journal contains articles that will undoubtedly
be helpful to ministers, elders, and seminary professors and students.
We hope as well that those who do not find themselves at the moment
in any of these categories, but who account themselves “ordinary
believers,” will also be instructed and edified. In the end, this is the
great office in the church, the office of all believer. Each of us, by
God’s grace, occupies this office.

We express thanks to Prof. Douglas Kuiper and Dr. H. David
Schuringa for their contribution, “Prayer of Balthasar Lydius.” If this
is not a name that you immediately recognize, it is one that you will
not soon forget after reading his prayer. It is the prayer that Lydius
offered immediately prior to the opening session of the Synod of
Dordt. So far as we know, our brothers are the first to translate this
prayer into English. Though the synod was a Dutch Reformed Synod,
the prayer was offered up in Latin—still at that time the language of
scholarship and theology. It is a moving prayer by the pastor of the
Reformed church of Dordtrecht where the synod was held. The prayer
breathes the language of Scripture and the deeply held convictions of
the Reformed faith on the part of this servant of God.

Prof. Kuiper has another contribution. It is a continuation of the
bibliography of one of the founding fathers of the Protestant Reformed
Churches, the Rev. George M. Ophoff, fondly referred to even today
as “GMO.” The bibliography contains explanations of the different
types of works produced by one of the original faculty members of the
Protestant Reformed Theological Seminary, as well as an analysis of
the enduring value of that which Ophoff produced in a form in which
it could be preserved for future generations. Ophoff was indeed one
of those men who wrote for the ages.

Prof. Barrett Gritters contributes two articles for this issue of
PRTJ. The first is a continuation of his article in the previous issue
that demonstrates the competency of pastors and elders to care for and
counsel those suffering from depression. Both pastors and elders will
be encouraged, as well as motivated, to carry out their calling with 

respect to those who find themselves “in the depths.” His second
contribution concerns the time-honored practice of family visitation,
a practice that is often threatened and in many churches has been
abandoned. Prof. Gritters’ plea on behalf of family visitation calls
special attention to the positive fruits of this practice in congregations
where pastor and elders take this work seriously.

The undersigned contributes the next-to-the-last section in his
“John Calvin Research Bibliography.” Included in this contribution
are the sections entitled, “Calvin’s Doctrine of the Means of Grace,
Preaching, and Baptism,” “Calvin’s Doctrine of the Lord’s Supper,”
and “Calvin’s Doctrine of Human Government and the State.” The
two remaining sections, which we hope to publish in the April 2019
issue, conclude the bibliography with “Calvin’s Doctrine of the Last
Things,” and “Calvin’s View of Worship.” We hope that this research
bibliography will be a helpful resource to all who are interested in
research regarding aspects of Calvin’s life, work, and teachings.

And, of course, what some would regard as the best for last—the
book reviews. Once again, we have a number of book reviews that
summarize and analyze recent publications that may be of interest
especially to ministers, professors, and students, as well as to the
informed lay person. If there is ever a recently published book that
our readers would like to be reviewed in our journal, do not hesitate
to send an email request to the editor at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We
are always open to the suggestions of our readers.

Now, take up, read, and enjoy!

Soli Deo Gloria!

PRC Seminary Convocation 2018

PRC Seminary Convocation 2018

Providence_PRC-2015 (2)

The PRC Seminary held its annual Convocation on Wednesday, September 5, as faculty and students marked the beginning of a new season of instruction.

The program was held at Providence PRC (picture above) in Hudsonville, MI at 7:00 p.m. Prof. B. Gritters spoke on Acts 20:24 “None of these things move me…”

IMG 2492

On the printed program for the evening (cf. attached), Prof. Gritters has this fitting quote from John Calvin included (taken from his commentary on that passage):

“…it is a filthy thing for us to be so holden
with a blind desire to live, that we lose the
causes of life for life itself; and this do the
words of Paul express. For he doth not simply
set light by his life; but he doth forget the
respect thereof, that he may finish his course;
that he may fulfil the ministry which he hath
received of Christ, as if he should say that he
is not desirous to live, save only that he may
satisfy the calling of God; and that, therefore,
it shall be no grief to him to lose his life, so
that he may come by death unto the goal of
the function prescribed to him by God.

And we must note that which he saith,
with joy, for his meaning is, that this is taken
from the faithful by no sorrow or grief, but
that they both live and die to the Lord. For
the joy of a good conscience is more deeply
and surely laid up, than that it can be taken
away by any external trouble, or any sorrow
of the flesh; it triumpheth more joyfully than
that it can be oppressed.”

During the program special music was provided by Crista Phelps (piano) along with Sam Bergman and Conner and Erin Courtney (violin). See the video attached here to listen to one of their beautiful Psalter number arrangements (bottom of post, under "Media").

Special music 1

After the convocation address the present student body was introduced.

IMG 2476
From l-r: Freshman Marcus Wee (Covenant ERC Singapore); Senior Jacob Maatman (Crete & SW PRCs); Senior Matt Kortus (Loveland, Faith, & Zion PRCs); Junior Josiah Tan (Covenant ERC Singapore)

*NOTE: Due to connection issues, the live-stream on the Seminary's YouTube channel did not work. Our apologies! But Nick Kleyn recorded most of it and posted it on his Facebook page.

PRC Seminary Journal - Spring 2018 Issue

The Spring 2018 issue of the Protestant Reformed Theological Journal is now available in pdf form (see attached). The print issue and the other digital formats (mobi and epub) will be available in a few weeks.

PRTJ Spring 2018 cover

As you will see from the cover, the issue is packed with the fruits of solid Reformed reading, research, and reflection - all for the rich benefit of our readers. 

Editor, Prof. R. Cammenga, introduces the issue with these "notes:"

The Protestant Reformed Churches in America (PRCA) and the
Protestant Reformed Theological Seminary have throughout their
history opposed the teaching that the gospel is a well-meaning offer of
salvation to all who hear the preaching. This is the popular conception
of the preaching of the gospel that is defended and practiced by most
Reformed and Presbyterian churches, preachers, and theologians today.
The PRCA have always insisted that this is a mutilation of the gospel
and is contrary to Scripture and to the Reformed creeds. You will
find a number of articles and book reviews in the April 2018 issue of
PRTJ addressing this issue. The writers also point out the inevitable
despoiling of the Reformed faith in fundamental respects, for which
they who defend the well-meant offer are responsible—denial of the
extent and efficacy of the atonement, denial of the total depravity of
the natural man, embrace of the teaching of free will, and more. We
plead with defenders of the well-meant offer of the gospel to take stock
of the teaching. We urge them rigorously and honestly to evaluate it
in light of Scripture and the confessions. And we add, take note of
the devastating results of the teaching wherever it has won the day.

Prof. Russell Dykstra concludes his series on the teaching of
God’s covenant in the Psalms. He has shown in his series how rich
the Psalms are in their teaching concerning the covenant of grace. The
comfort and assurance of belonging to God’s covenant is a theme that
runs through the book of Psalms. This last article brings the series to
a fitting conclusion.

Prof. Barrett Gritters, professor of Practical Theology in the Protestant
Reformed Theological Seminary, contributes an article full of
biblical and practical advice for pastors and elders counseling members
of God’s church who suffer from depression. Officebearers will find a
great deal of encouragement to minister to the needs of these anguished
members of Christ’s flock. The greatest help is to bring these saints
the Word of God. Appended to his article is the outline of a sermon
based on portions of Psalms 42 and 43 that applies the Word of God
to the matter of depression.

Besides his several book reviews, emeritus Prof. David J. Engelsma
contributes a review article on the recently published book
by David L. Allen, The Extent of the Atonement: A Historical and
Critical Review. This work is being touted as the new “go to” book in
support for unlimited atonement and refutation of limited atonement.
Engelsma evaluates the book in light of Scripture and the Reformed
confessions and finds it seriously wanting. One important argument
in defense of his contention that the atonement of Christ’s cross is
unlimited is Allen’s appeal to the teaching of the well-meant (free)
offer of the gospel. And indeed, as the PRCA have always pointed
out, if the well-meant offer of the gospel is true, the death of Jesus
Christ, at least in its intention, could not have been limited to some
men only. The well-meant gospel offer demands that the value of the
death of Jesus Christ is wider than the elect alone.

Pastor Martyn McGeown, missionary in Limerick, Ireland on
behalf of the sister church of the PRCA, the Covenant Protestant
Reformed Church of Northern Ireland, responds to a recent article
published in the Puritan Reformed Journal, the journal of the Puritan
Reformed Theological Seminary. The article, by David B. McWilliams,
defends the free offer of the gospel. McGeown takes issue with
the contents and the conclusion of this article. And once again, we
plead for an honest and thorough re-evaluation of the teaching that
reduces the call of the gospel—power of God unto salvation—to a
helpless, ineffectual, pathetic offer.

And then there are the book reviews—summaries and critiques of
recently published works that we bring to the attention of our readers.
Some we recommend; others not. But in either case, the reviews are
a reminder that officebearers, and especially pastors, must be readers.
They must find the time and be given the time, even in busy pastorates,
to read.

Now, read and enjoy!

Soli Deo Gloria!

If you want to be added to our mailing list to receive the PRT Journal free, call or email the Seminary.

Reformation 500 Commemoration - PRC Seminary Conference, Oct.27-28, 2017 *(Updated)

FaithPRC header

The PRC Seminary, with help from Faith PRC's Evangelism Committee, held a special two-day 500th anniversary Reformation conference the weekend of October 27-28 at Faith PRC in Jenison, MI.

The six speeches are now available on Faith PRC's Sermonaudio channel. Here are the links:

  1. What Was the Reformation? by Prof. R. Cammenga
  2. The Reformation's Return to Sola Scriptura by Rev. David Torlach
  3. The Reformation's Restoration of the Office of Believer by Prof. Barry Gritters
  4. The Reformation's Recovery of Right Worship by Rev. Martyn McGeown
  5. The Reformation's Response to the 'Radical Reformation' by Prof. Russell Dykstra
  6. The Reformation's Progress in the Lowlands by Rev. Steven Key

*[The rest of this news item was written for the original announcement of the event.]

The details of the event may be found on the poster below. A special website has also been created for the conference, which you may find at .

Here's the latest bulletin announcement that was sent out:

HERE WE STAND, the seminary sponsored weekend conference celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation is now at hand. The first speech is at 4:00 on Friday, October 27 with additional speeches at 7:00 and 8:15. The conference will continue on Saturday morning. The speeches will be delivered by our three professors (Profs. R. Cammenga, R. Dykstra, and B. Gritters)  and Rev. M. McGeown, Rev. David Torlach and Rev. S. Key. Talk to your neighbors and friends and join us at Faith PRC for this important event. The conference will be live-streamed on the Internet for those who are not able to attend in person.

At the conference there will also be books for sale by the Reformed Free Publishing Association and Gary Vander Schaaf, and special displays of Seminary library books - new and rare - on the Reformation. In addition, the Reformed Witness Hour will have a special table featuring its ministry.

We hope you make plans to attend this significant event! Set aside some time for some or all of the conference and plan to join us as we celebrate God's great work in the sixteenth century of reforming His church according to His Word.

Here We Stand Oct 2017 flyer Page 1


Rev. Doug Kuiper Installed as New Seminary Professor - Sept.20, 2017

On the evening of September 20, 2017, Rev. Douglas J. Kuiper was installed as the newest professor of theology in the PRC Seminary.

RD preaching install 2017

The installation/convocation service was held in Faith PRC (Jenison, MI) and led by Prof. Russell Dykstra (above photo), whom Prof. Kuiper will be replacing in a few years. Prof. Dykstra preached from I Corinthians 4:1-5 with the theme, "The Professor of Theology as Faithful Steward."

KK DK install 2017

A good crowd attended the service and witnessed the installation. The heart of that installation was the reading of the "Form for the Installation of Professors of Theology," (by the president of the Theological School Committee, Rev. K. Koole) which included these paragraphs and questions:

Conscious of this calling our Church has also established a Theological School and called the reverend brother, [Douglas Kuiper], to devote his talents to this School.

In behalf of our Church the Curators charge thee, esteemed brother, with the task of instructing and establishing in the knowledge of God's Word the students who hope once to minister in his Church. Expound to them the mysteries of the faith; caution them in regard to the errors and heresies of the old, but especially of the new day; seek to explain how they not alone as teachers are to instruct but also as pastors are to shepherd the flock of the Lord. Assist in maintaining order and discipline among the disciples, that our Seminary may continue to enjoy the respect, the support, the appreciation, the love and the prayer of the Church. Be a good example to the students, that they may not only profit from thy learning, but also find in thee a living illustration of the power and practice of true godliness.

Be engaged in all of this according to the measure of the gifts God gave thee, in dependence on the Lord's help and the light of the Holy Spirit. And that it may now publicly appear that thou, highly esteemed brother, art thus disposed, thou art to answer the following questions:

First. I ask thee, dost thou feel in thy heart that thou art lawfully called of God's Church and therefore of God himself to this office?

Secondly. Dost thou believe the books of the Old and New Testament to be the only Word of God? Dost thou reject all doctrine repugnant thereto, and dost thou accept the doctrinal standards of this Christian Church as the truest expression of the doctrine of salvation?

Thirdly. Dost thou promise faithfully to discharge thy office according to the same doctrine above described, and to adorn it with a godly life?

Fourthly. Dost thou promise to submit thyself, in case thou shouldest become delinquent, either in life or doctrine, to the ordinance of the Church, and if necessary, to Church discipline?

To which the brother gave his sincere answer: "Yes, with all my heart."

DKuiper install program 2017

We give thanks to God for providing this faithful servant for this special work in the Seminary. May the Spirit of our risen and ascended Lord rest upon him and empower him to fulfill his task.

DK family install 2017

Prof. D. Kuiper and his wife Teresa and their four children (from l-r), Jared, Ryan, Sarah, and Daniel.

Though the focus of the evening was on the installation of Prof. Kuiper, it was also the annual seminary convocation. Below are the students listed in the program above.

students 2017 18
(L-R) Juniors Matt Kortus, Jacob Maatman, and Darren Vink; Sophomore Josiah Tan

News from Seminary Hill - July 2017

Jer3 15 pastorsAs we find ourselves in the middle of summer 2017, a number of significant things concerning the PRC Seminary in Wyoming, MI may be noted:

1. Our seven senior seminarians passed their oral examinations before the PRC Synod the week of June 13, and all were declared candidates for the ministry of the Word and sacraments in the PRC on Thursday afternoon, June 15. All are eligible for a call beginning July 15, 2017.

The seminary graduation program was held that night in Hudsonville PRC, with Prof. B. Gritters apeaking on "The Ministry: An Existence, Not an Occupation." We extend hearty congratulations to Matthew DeBoer, Brian Feenstra, Joseph Holstege, Jonathan Langerak, David Noorman, Stephan Regnerus, and Justin Smidstra, and pray God's blessing on them as they prepare to find their place in Christ's church.

At the time of this writing, three of our candidates have received calls from the churches: Matt DeBoer to Edgerton PRC, Joe Holstege to Zion PRC, and Justin Smidstra to Southwest PRC.


2. In spite of the largest graduating class in the history of the PRC, the 2017 Synod took special note of the need for students to study for the ministry of the Word.

Synod instructed “the Stated Clerk in his letter to the churches to include a notice of the future, urgent need for seminary students.” (Article 21).  

As the seminary opens its doors this fall, it will have one student in his second year – he is from our sister church in Singapore. And there will be three students in the third year – all of whom desire to serve as pastors in the PRCA. The seminary’s Rector reported that “it may well be a couple years before another member of the PRCA enters seminary.” This means that while there will be, D.V., students graduating in 2019, it will be several years after that before anyone graduates.

What also makes the need great is the fact that eleven of the current 35 ministers are over 61 years of age. This indicates the need for seminary students. Even as we are very thankful for the current crop of seven candidates, Synod saw it important to inform the churches again of this urgent need. Please pray to the Lord of the harvest and please encourage young men, whom you observe to have the gifts, to consider the ministry.

In that connection our young man may read the editorial of Rev. K. Koole in the April 1, 2017 issue of the Standard Bearer, "Our Need for Seminary Students; Time to Be Praying" and listen to the recent sermon, "A Prayer for Laborers in the Lord's Harvest," preached by Rev. Josh Engelsma in Doon PRC.


DgKuiper 20173. The Synod of 2017 called Rev. Douglas Kuiper to serve in the PRC Seminary as professor of church history and NT studies, in replacement of Prof. R. Dykstra. On July 2 he announced his acceptance of this call. We give thanks to God for providing a man for this position, and pray for him and his family as well as Edgerton PRC as he makes this transition and prepares for his new post (cf. picture below). Rev. Kuiper's farewell from Edgerton PRC is planned for Sunday, August 13. His installation as professor is planned for Wednesday, Sept.20, in Faith PRC, D.V.


4. FALL 2017 CLASSES TO AUDIT: The Seminary is inviting auditors to sit in two classes this coming semester.  Classes begin on Tuesday, August 29. 

Prof. R. Cammenga will be teaching Dogmatics and NT History.  Dogmatics will treat the locus Theology, in which we study the truths concerning God (His knowability, essence, persons, attributes, and works), giving considerable attention to the fundamental truth of the Trinity.  NT History will cover the history of the intertestamental period and the life of Christ up to the Passion Week. 

If you are interested, please contact the seminary at 616-531-1490 by August 25 to “register” for the class.  You can find the class schedule attached here or at the bottom of the Seminary homepage.


5. The PRC Seminary, with help from Faith PRC's Evangelism Committee, is planning a special two-day 500th anniversary Reformation conference for the weekend of October 27-28 at Faith PRC. The details of the event may be found on the poster below.

A special website has also been created for the conference (in early stages of development yet). Find that at .

We hope you make plans to attend this significant event! Mark your calendars now and plan to join us as we celebrate God's great work of reforming His church in the 16th century.

Poster 1 Page 1

PRC Seminary News - April 2017

Sem front May 2016 1

The PRC Seminary is now well into its second semester, with four weeks of classes to go and one week of exams, as of this date. Friday, May 12 is the final day of classes, while May 15 marks the beginning of exams.

The faculty and students have been busy with their usual work of teaching and studying this semester, in addition to preaching in the churches, giving catechism instruction, and leading Bible studies. Both rounds of practice preaching have been completed, with the seniors now finishing this formal portion of their studies, while the sophomores now have four sermons completed (two each semester).

The seven seniors have also started preparing for their synodical exams, which will be the first days of the PRC Synod 2017 in Hudsonville PRC, beginning Tuesday, June 13. Let us remember these young men and all of the students and faculty as they enter these final weeks of the semester and get ready for synod.

Back in March the seminary again hosted two special Christian grade-school classes from the area. On Tuesday, March 28, the fifth graders from Adams Christian School in Wyoming, MI (taught by Mrs. M. Lubbers) visited and on Wednesday, March 29, the 4th graders from Heritage Christian School in Hudsonville, MI (taught by Mrs. J. Woudenberg) made their annual visit. Prof. R. Cammenga gave an introductory talk to the students before giving them a tour of the building. Afterward, these students joined the professors and students for snacks during coffee time. As always, these visits were an encouragement to the faculty and students, and we pray God uses them to sow the seed of desire for the ministry in the hearts of some of these young boys. Below are pictures of the two groups.

 AdamsCS 5thgrade 2017 1
Adams CS Fifth Grade with seminary students and professors

 HCS 4thgrade March 2017 3
Heritage CS fourth graders taking in Prof. R. Cammenga's talk about the seminary.

Did you know that the professors' wives and the seminarians' wives also have special opportunities to meet together to share the challenges of being married to a seminary student and to learn about the special place a minister's wife has in the church? For example, on March 2 they met at the home of Prof. B. Gritters and his wife where Mrs. Jean Kortering (wife of Rev. Jason Kortering) shared some of her experiences as a minister's wife laboring in the United States as well as in Singapore. What a blessing these opportunities are for the ladies! Remember to pray for them too, as they support their husbands in their studies and in the ministry.

The April 2017 issue of the PR Theological Journal is being prepared and should be ready soon. Watch for further notice on the seminary website for the release of this important periodical. In the meantime, you can enjoy the November 2016 issue by visiting the Journal page.

Special notice! The Protestant Reformed Seminary is sponsoring a conference commemorating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.  The conference theme is: "Here We Stand!"  It will be held at Faith PRC on October 27 and 28 of 2017.  There will be six speeches given by the three professors and Rev. Steven Key, Rev. Martyn McGeown, and Rev. Mark Shand from the EPC of Australia.  Please mark your calendars and make plans to attend. Below (and attached in pdf form) is the special flyer that has been made to promote the event. Do your part by printing the flyer and posting it around your area to spread the newsof this important event.

 Poster 1 Page 1

Prof. D. Engelsma's Interview on "Iron Sharpens Iron" Now Available in mp3

iron sharpens iron logo

DJEngelsma 2016 Professor David Engelsma (emeritus, PRC Seminary) was interviewed by Christopher Arnzen on his radio program “Iron Sharpens Iron” on March 30. The interview focused on the book The Sixteenth-Century Reformation of the Church (RFPA, 2007) edited by Prof. Engelsma.

The subjects covered in the book and interview are timely and significant, especially in view of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation of the church under the sovereign direction of God through the work of such mean as Martin Luther and John Calvin.

UPDATE: Now that the interview is completed, Mr. Arnzen has graciously made available an mp3 file of this interview. You may also find the link at the RFPA blog here.

For more on Mr. Arntzen and his Reformed Christian radio program, visit the link above. Below is a brief description of him and his program as found on the website "Iron Sharpens Iron."

Chris Arnzen | Christian Radio Programming & Advertising Executive & Talk Host of Iron Sharpens Iron.

Chris Arnzen | Christian Radio Programming & Advertising Executive & Talk Host of Iron Sharpens Iron.

If you’re weary of the typical fluffy Christian radio broadcasts, you’ll find Iron Sharpens Iron addresses a multitude of topics from a distinctly Reformed Christian worldview. Chris Arnzen asks the right questions, presents guests who have the answers, and continually challenges Christians to apply their faith to every aspect of their lives.

PRC Seminary Convocation - Sept.7, 2016 (Updated)

Sem front May 2016 1

The PRC Seminary held its annual convocation on Wednesday, Sept.7, at Grandville PRC. Rev. Ken Koole, president of the Theological School Committee led in opening devotions.

Convoc 2016 KK

Bryan Westra (SW PRC) performed a beautiful arrangement of "Praise Him, Praise Him" on the piano for the special music.

Convoc 2016 BW

Prof. Russell Dykstra spoke on “The Ezra Model: Having a Heart for the Lord’s House,” expounding the Word of God in Ezra 7 and Nehemiah 8. It was a wonderful instructive and inspirational message (Watch for a link to it on Sermonaudio soon).

Convoc 2016 RD

And at the end of the program Prof. R. Dykstra introduced the four (4) students taking classes this semester (seven seniors are gone for their internships): from left to right, first-year student, Josiah Tan (Covenant ERC, Singapore); then second-year students Darren Vink (First PRC, Grand Rapids, MI), Jacob Maatman (Crete/SW PRCs), and Matthew Kortus (Loveland/Faith PRCs).

 Convoc 2016 Students

May the Lord bless the faculty, students, and staff in this new season of instruction and preparation for the ministry of the Word. Let us remember to pray for this important cause in our daily prayers.

Profitable quote (from program - cf. attachment):

It has been shown, that by the faith of the gospel Christ becomes ours, and we are made partakers of the salvation and eternal blessedness procured by him. But as our ignorance and sloth (I may add, the vanity of our mind) stand in need of external helps, by which faith may be begotten in us, and may increase and make progress until its consummation, God, in accommodation to our infirmity, has added such helps, and secured the effectual preaching of the gospel, by depositing this treasure with the Church. He has appointed pastors and teachers, by whose lips he might edify his people (Eph. 4:11); he has invested them with authority, and, in short, omitted nothing that might conduce to holy consent in the faith, and to right order. In particular, he has instituted sacraments, which we feel by experience to be most useful helps in fostering and confirming our faith. For seeing we are shut up in the prison of the body, and have not yet attained to the rank of angels, God, in accommodation to our capacity, has in his admirable providence provided a method by which, though widely separated, we might still draw near to him…. I will begin with the Church, into whose bosom God is pleased to collect his children, not only that by her aid and ministry they may be nourished so long as they are babes and children, but may also be guided by her maternal care until they grow up to manhood, and, finally, attain to the perfection of faith. What God has thus joined, let not man put asunder: to those to whom he is a Father, the Church must also be a mother.
~ John Calvin Institutes of the Christian Religion, 4.1.1.









PRC Seminary Update: Classes Begin August 29; Convocation Sept.7

 Sem front May 2016 1

With a new season of instruction set to begin soon at the PRC Seminary, the following updates may be given:

Our first semester schedule for the 2016-17 school year has now been approved by the faculty and the Theological School Committee. It is attached here as a pdf download, but the schedule may also be found on the Seminary calendar on the Seminary's homepage. Classes will begin on Monday, August 29, D.V. On that day we will be following the FRIDAY schedule of classes (see the schedule for details).


Once again the Seminary is inviting those who are interested to attend selected classes this coming school year.  The first semester begins Monday, August 29 and three classes are open to auditors:  Dogmatics –Ecclesiology (doctrine of the church, including the essence, attributes, and marks of the church, as well as the government of the church and the sacraments), by Prof. R. Cammenga; Hermeneutics (interpretation of Scripture), and Reformation Church History by Prof. R. Dykstra. If you are interested in attending any of these classes, please call the Seminary at 616-531-1490 to find what times they meet (or check the class schedule below).  Please register for these classes by this Thursday, August 25.


RDykstra1The annual Seminary Convocation will be held Sept.7, 2016 at 7:30 p.m. in the Grandville PRC. Prof. R. Dykstra will be speaking on "The Ezra Model: Having a Heart for the Lord’s House." All PRC members and friends of the Seminary are cordially invited to join us as we mark the beginning of the new school year.


Lest we forget, the seven senior seminarians are now in place for their internships, which run from July 1 through Dec.31, D.V. These are the churches in which they are currently serving:

  • Matt DeBoer in Georgetown PRC (Hudsonville, MI), under Rev.C. Haak
  • Brian Feenstra to Loveland PRC (Colorado), under Rev.S. Key
  • Joe Holstege to Calvary PRC (Hull, IA), under Rev.C. Griess
  • Jonathan Langerak to Edgerton PRC (Minnesota), under Rev.D. Kuiper
  • David Noorman to Hope PRC (Redlands, CA), under Rev.B. Huizinga
  • Justin Smidstra to Faith PRC (Jenison, MI) under Rev.C. Spronk
  • Stephan Regnerus to SE PRC (Grand Rapids, MI), under Rev.W. Langerak


Also of significance for our members and especially our young men is this statement approved by this year's PRC Synod for publication in the PR churches concerning the ongoing need for ministers of the Word:

The 2016 Synod of the PRC is conveying to the congregations through its Stated Clerk the future, urgent need for seminary students.  Although we currently have ten students (7 seniors; 3 sophomores), 13 of our pastors are over the age of 60, we have one vacant congregation, Doon PRC is authorized to call a third man to the Philippines, and Byron Center PRC is authorized to call a home missionary. This represents 16 present and future openings, without factoring in the possibility of larger churches having daughter congregations. Let us pray that the Lord of the harvest send forth sufficient, qualified laborers into His harvest, and incline their hearts now to that work.






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