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"The Standard Bearer" - January 15, 2015 Issue: Edifying Reading!

Are you a Standard Bearer subscriber? If so, have you been reading the January 15, 2015 issue? It is loaded with fine articles that make for edifying reading as you start the new year.

Need an encouraging meditation to give you perspective on the new year? Read Rev.J.Marcus' meditation, "Abounding in the Work of the Lord."

As preachers, elders, and listeners, do you consider seriously how the ministers of God's Word ought to preach "without fear or favor"? Read Prof.B.Gritters' editorial, "Sine Timore aut Favore: A Motto for Preachers."

What do you know about church history? Would you like to read more in this area? For inspiration, read Rev.C.Spronk's article, "The Importance of Knowing Church History."

How evil do you consider abortion to be? Learn more about this in Rev.M.McGeown's "All Around Us" article: "Abortion: the Culture of Death."

Do you have teenagers that date or court? Then as parents and as teens you should take the time to read Rev.G.Eriks' article on "Dating for God's Glory" (the first of more to come!).

And there is more in this issue - another look at Premillennialism by Prof.D.Engelsma; another installment on the "Qualifications of the Office of Elder" by Rev.D.Kuiper; a book review on the Puritan idea of preparatory grace - and church news! Check out the cover below for all the articles:

SB Jan15 2015

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Last modified on 26 January 2015
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