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PRC Weekly Congregational and Denominational News - September 24, 2017

Psalms 16 11On this final Lord's Day of September 2017 (Sept. 24) we note the following news and information from PRC congregations, denominational committees, and mission fields.


  • The Council of Byron Center PRC has formed a new trio from which to call a pastor: Revs G. Eriks (Hudsonville PRC), C. Griess (Calvary PRC, Hull IA) and A. Lanning (CERC, Singapore). A congregational meeting will be held on October 1 after the evening service to call one of these men.
  • On Sept.10 Cand. S. Regnerus received the call from the congregation of Southwest PRC (Wyoming, MI). He has up to six weeks to consider this call.
  • Cand. Brian Feenstra is considering the call from Immanuel PRC (Lacombe, AB) (Received Sept.3).
  • On August 27 Candidate Justin Smidstra ACCEPTED the call from First PRC of Holland MI, declining the call from Southwest PRC. He will be examined, D.V., at a special meeting of Classis East in Georgetown PRC on October 18.
  • On August 27 Candidate Matt DeBoer ACCEPTED the call from Edgerton PRC. He will be examined at the meeting of Classis West in Hull, IA this week (cf. below).
  • On August 13 Candidate Joe Holstege ACCEPTED the call to Zion PRC. He will be examined, D.V., at a special meeting of Classis East in Georgetown PRC on October 18.
  • Candidates Jon Langerak  and David Noorman are both assisting pastors and congregations in the Grand Rapids area (Georgetown PRC and Hudsonville PRC, respectively) while they wait for calls.


  • The installation of Rev. Doug Kuiper as professor of church history took place this past Wednesday, September 20, at Faith PRC in Jenison, MI. For more on this significant event, visit this page.

  • CLASSIS WEST: Classis West will meet this Wednesday, September 27, in Hull (IA) PRC, with the agenda involving the examination of Pastor-elect Matthew De Boer among other busniess.
    • Pastor-elect Matthew De Boer will be leading a worship service at Hull PRC Tuesday, September 26, at 7:00 p.m. as part of his Classical Examination. 
    • A Classis West Conference on The Five Solas and How They Matter for the Ministry will be held at Hull PRC on Tuesday, September 26 starting at 9:00 a.m.  Lunch will be served with a free-will offering.  All are invited to attend.  *[cf. attached pdf and flyer image below]

Solas CWofficebearers 2017 Page 1

  • Classis East met on Wednesday, Sept. 13, at Grandville PRC. For the report, visit this page.


  • Reformed Book Outlet: Through the month of September, we are once again selling selected volumes of the Protestant Reformed Psalm Singing Choir (formerly called "Fitting Praises") for $3.00 each. This includes volumes 3,4,6,8, and 15, and each CD contains different Psalter numbers.  These CDs make great gifts, especially for shut-ins, and newly married couples.  Call 616-669-6730, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • A new PRC Psalter app (Android) has been developed by Hope PRC member Jonathan Vermeer. You will find it in the Google Play store at this link. The app includes lyrics and tunes to all of our Psalter #s and links to the Psalms themselves. Plus, it has a special "night mode" setting for use in the dark (as, for example, for campfire singing).

RWH logo 1

  • Don't forget to listen to the Reformed Witness Hour each Sunday! Todays' message by radio pastor Rev. C. Haak is "Who is Jesus?", based on Matthew 1:21.
    • NEW RWH Station - The Cornerstone PRC Word and Deed committee has partnered with the Reformed Witness Hour to air their messages on the radio in the Chicago area. Beginning today, September 10, the broadcast can be heard every Sunday at 4:00PM on WYLL 1160AM or on the internet at Please tune in and encourage others to do so as opportunity arises in your personal witnessing.


revaspriensma 1

  • On Sept.17 Rev. A. Spriensma was installed as home missionary, having been called by Byron Center PRC.
  • On Sept.17 The congregation of Doon PRC voted to call Rev. R. Smit (pastor, First PRC, Grand Rapids, MI) to serve as a third missionary to the Philippines.

Holstege 7M Oct 2016 
Missionary-pastor D. Holstege leading the 7M pastors' meeting (Dec. 2016) - cf. note below.

  • From the bulletin of Provident Christian Church in Marikina, the Philippines we find the following notes concerning our missionaries and their labors today and in this coming week:
    • Rev. Holstege will preach both sermons today and teach the Church Order from 10:15-10:45. Rev. Kleyn will preach for Maranatha PRC today.

    • This Wed, at 7:30 pm, Rev. Holstege will teach the Canons of Dordt, Head 5, Art. 12-13. “This certainty of perseverance…is the real source of humility, filial reverence, true piety, patience in every tribulation, fervent prayers, constancy in suffering and in confessing the truth, and of solid rejoicing in God…”

    • This Saturday at 9:00 am, Rev. Kleyn will teach the catechism class for the children. The children should prepare lesson 15 in the OT History for Juniors.

  • And from the bulletin of the Maranatha PRC in Valanzuela City we learn about these special events:
    • The 7M pastors’ classes will be held on Tuesday (Sept. 26) at 9:30 a.m. in Provident Village, Marikina City, DV. Both of the standing committees of the Classis plan to hold meetings during the afternoon of this Tuesday, September 26, at Provident Christian Church — Committee #2 at 1:00 p.m., and Committee #1 at 3:30 p.m.
    • A delegation of the Contact Committee of the PRCA plans to visit the PRCP in the Philippines (and also the CERC in Singapore) this October and November. The delegation consists of Rev. R. Smit and Elder David Kregel. The visit is part of the sister-church relationship that is being established between the PRCP and the PRCA. The delegation hopes to be in the Philippines from October 26 through November 6, the Lord willing.
    • A Reformation Day Conference is being planned for Tuesday, October 31. The theme is “Reformation 500: The Anniversary.” The speakers will be Rev. Holstege, Rev. Kleyn, and Rev. Smit. The conference will be held in Provident Village in Marikina, starting at 8:00 a.m. Registration is Php 50 per person.  All are welcome. Please plan to attend, and please invite others to attend, too.  A sign-up sheet will be available soon. [cf. flyer below]

    Maranatha PRF Bulletin Page 1

  • Let's remember these busy pastors and missionaries in the Philippines in our prayers daily. May the Lord of the harvest give them grace for all their labors.






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