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PRC and Sister-Church News Highlights for February 7, 2021

The following are special highlights of PRC and sister-church news for this Sunday, February 7, the sixth Lord's Day of this year 2021.

Lamentations 3 22

  • Today we are again called to enter into our Lord's rest by faith and worship the gracious God of our salvation. In doing so we also hear the gospel of His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, knowing that the preaching of Christ crucified and raised is the power of God unto salvation for all who believe (Rom.1:16).
    If you are visiting this website and are interested in the PRC, we invite you to join us at any of our services (morning and evening). For congregations and locations, visit this page.

For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God. For it is written, I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and will bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent. ...But we preach Christ crucified, unto the Jews a stumblingblock, and unto the Greeks foolishness; But unto them which are called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God, and the wisdom of God. 1 Cor.1:18,19,23,24

  • Last Sunday Kalamazoo PRC voted to extend a call to Rev. E.Guichelaar (Randolph, WI). May the King of the church show him plainly what His will is.

  • The Consistory of Wingham PRC has formed a new trio consisting of Revs. J.Smidstra (First PRC, Holland, MI), S.Regnerus (Lynden, WA), and N. Langerak (Crete, IL PRC).

  • Rev. J.Smidstra (1st PRC, Holland, MI) is considering the call to Hudsonville PRC. May the Lord guide him plainly as he considers this call.

  • Rev. A. Spriensma has taken up his ministry in Cornerstone PRC (Dyer, IN) and has begun preaching today. We rejoice with them in God's provision of a new undershepherd.

Peter Pauline Breen

  • This past Friday, Mrs. Pauline Breen (Feb.5), widow of the late Rev. Peter Breen, died and was taken to glory in the presence of her Savior Jesus Christ at the age of 94 (see photo above). She was a member of our Southeast PRC (Grand Rapids, MI). May the Lord comfort the Breen family with the promises of His Word and the hope we share in our victorious Savior. The following are the funeral arangements from her obituary: Visitation with friends and relatives will be held from 12:30 - 2 p.m. Tuesday, February 9, 2021 at Southwest Protestant Reformed Church, 4875 Ivanrest Ave. SW, Wyoming 49418. The funeral service will be held immediately following at 2 p.m. Pastor Jacob Maatman will be officiating. Interment will be at Grandville Cemetery.

  • Classical appointments and pulpit supply for today in the vacant PRCs: Prof. D.Kuiper and Rev. J.Mahtani in Byron Center PRC; Prof. R.Cammenga and Rev. R.Van Overloop in Hudsonville PRC; Prof. B.Huizinga and Rev. W.Langerak in Kalamazoo PRC; Prof. B.Gritters and Rev. J.Smidstra in Providence PRC. We thank the Lord for this blessing of our church federation to help one another in this need.

    Let us also continue to pray for all the needs of these vacant congregations, including Wingham PRC, which cannot receive pulpit supply from the U.S. at this time (pandemic travel restrictions). At present, because of the new COVID-19 lockdown orders in Ontario, the Wingham Consistory has suspended services until the congregation can gather again. But they are investigating ways to be allowed to resume public worship. Let's remember them in prayer with regard to this too.

  • For those who may still be limited to house worship, whether completely or partially, we invite you to visit the PR churches page and follow the links to the websites where the churches' livestream may be found. Or you may visit the selected audio sermon page and listen to one of your choice there.

  • Did you know that...
    • Missionary-pastor D.Holstege is giving a presentation on the mission work in the Philippines over the last two years next Sunday (Feb.21) after the evening service at Grace PRC (Standale, MI) at approximately 7:15 pm.  All in the area are invited!
    • Bethel PRC (Roselle, IL) has made plans to disband in June of this year? Her final worship services are planned for June 27, with the final Consistory meeting set for the night following, June 28. This is pending the approval of Classis West at its upcoming March meeting.


Special notice for Classis West meeting: March 3, 2021

  • Due to strict Covid regulations in California, the Classis that was originally scheduled for Hope PRC (Redlands) has been moved to Peace PRC, so our church will once again be hosting the spring session of Classis West this year, starting on March 3. (from Peace's bulletin)

snowy sem Feb5 2021
It was a snowy day on Friday in West Michigan - close to a foot of snow fell, making another of God's winter wonderlands!

Special PRC Seminary Notices:

  • The seminary has now completed three weeks of its second semester. The schedule and calendar have been posted on the seminary's website here. Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, we are not allowing auditors this semester either. Continue to remember the seminary's faculty, students, and staff in your prayers.
  • Prof. Kuiper is teaching three new courses this semester - Medieval Church History, NT Exegesis, and Reformed Symbols (creeds), as he continues to take over Prof. R. Dykstra's courses and helps him out this semester while he is in Singapore.
  • Rev. J. Holstege led chapel this past Wednesday. Sem. A. Haveman will lead the devotions this week and Rev. J.Holstege will again speak for the Wednesday chapel.
  • Internship news found in Faith PRC's bulletin today: The Consistory has joyfully accepted the request of the Seminary to host the internship of Seminarian Marcus Wee.Mr. Wee, along with his wife, Tze Yan, have two sons, Asaph and Silas, and are expecting a third child this summer. They are members of Covenant Evangelical Reformed Church in Singapore, and are currently attending Zion PRC.They will attend Faith during the interim of the internship, which will begin on July 1, and run through the end of December. We pray that God will bless the Wee family and our congregation during our time together.
  • The Fall issue of the PRTS Journal was sent to the printer last week. The digital copy (pdf) has now been posted on the seminary website.
  • For the latest seminary news and information, visit the seminary's website.



  • Covenant ERC, Singapore: 
    • From the "Pastoral Voice" in her bulletin today: This is the third Sunday the whole church could come together to worship the Lord since Phase 3 of the reopening of the Church for worship services. We are thankful to the Lord that we can have most of us coming to worship Him. We can also come together to partake the Lord’s Supper for the first time after almost a whole year of missing the Lord’s Supper. Yet we still missing something when we come to the house of the Lord. We still could not open our mouth and sing praises to God and we are also missing the fellowship among the saints. We pray that this will not discourage us from coming to church on Sundays but instead we delight to come before Him and with our hearts we truly praise Him. May the Lord grant to each one of us a humble spirit and a delightful heart to come and worship Him.
    • The December 2020 issue of "Reformed News Asia" was recently published (#63). Read that issue here.
    • The latest issue of Salt Shakers magazine (for young people) is also out - read the December 2020 at this link.
  • Covenant PRC, N. Ireland and her Limerick, Ireland mission:
    • Rev. A. Stewart continues to minister the Word to the saints in Ballymena as they gather again in person.
    • Read the latest issue of the "Covenant Reformed News" - January 2021!
    • While Ireland is under lockdown at present, Rev. M.McGeown once again is ministering the Word online.
    • Sadly, because of COVID uncertainty, the British Reformed Fellowship Family Conference has been rescheduled from this summer to 9-16 July, 2022. Profs. David Engelsma and Brian Huizinga will develop the glorious truth of "Union With Christ" at Castlewellan Castle, N. Ireland. More details are online (
  • PRC in the Philippines and her mission work:
    • From Maranatha PRC bulletin today: Rev. L.Trinidad is leading the online services today (via Facebook Live). And this special note: It is with great joy and love to the Lord to submit our selves to the will of Christ, the King of the Church. First, the Consistory is officially informing our members that the Classis of the PRCP has approved the Emeritation of Rev. L. Trinidad effective February 28, 2021 due to his advancing age. Second, it is with great sadness to officially announce the disbanding of our church effective March 1, 2021. The Lord has led us and our congregation because of the lack of eligible men to serve in the special offices of our church at this time. As a result, we are transferring our membership to Provident PRC. ...Although our congregation is disbanding, we by faith in our Lord Jesus Christ to continue clinging to His precious Word of mercy and kindness. Please continue to pray for us.
    • Provident PRC bulletin: Rev. D.Kleyn brought the Word there today, as they meet in person.

    • PRCP Seminary News: Our PRCP Seminary classes began Tuesday, January 19 and are being taught via the Internet.
    • The Classis of the PRCP is convening on February 25, 2021 at the Berean PRC.

RWH Logo 2019
Listen to the Reformed Witness Hour each Sunday - on a radio station near you, on Sermonaudio, or on your favorite podcast - wherever you are!

RKleyn RWH

  • Rev. R.Kleyn (Covenant of Grace PRC in Spokane, WA) returns to the program today (for the next four months) and begins a series on the Gospel According to Mark. Today's message is based on Mark 1:1 and titled "The Gospel According to Mark."
  • Listen to the broadcast on the station near you, on your favorite podcast (Google Music, Spotify, and iTunes), or visit the links provided here to listen to this program. Have you listened lately?
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SB Feb 1 2021 cover
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This Week's Thought for Contemplation:

To number your days means, first, that you count the days that you have lived. How old are you? How many days is that? Included in counting your days is that you take note of the trouble and sorrow that comes on account of sin.

Consider the sins of the fallen world in which we live and the terrible judgments of God’s wrath upon them. How our society has developed in sin over the past several decades. What terrible punishment God’s wrath has brought upon this sin. The cases of depression and numbers of suicides are growing at an alarming rate. Countless lives are ruined through addiction. Disease spreads through sexual promiscuity. Interestingly, God also punishes sin with greater sin, sin the brings greater and greater misery to sinful man. Marriages fail, home are broken up, war between the races and nations break out and worst of all God brings man to the great shame of abounding in homosexuality. As we number your days, we must take note of how the Lord punishes the sins of the world in his wrath.

But in our numbering of days, we must above all consider how the Lord has chasten us for our own sins. It is necessary for the Lord to bring his chastening rod on all of us. And sometimes to teach us the seriousness of sin that chastening continues for a lifetime. Think how God chastened David for his sin against Bathsheba and her husband Uriah. The sword never departed from his house to remind David not to take sin lightly. In the numbering of our days we must take all these things into account.

But to count our days also means that you count how many days you probably have left in your life. The Lord can take our life at any time. But the norm is 70 to 80 years. How many of these years do you have left? As we count these, we see that our life is short and quickly cut off. And soon we will stand before the Judge of heaven and earth.

Meditation on Psalm 90:12 by Rev. J. Slopsema in the February 1, 2021 Standard Bearer

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