PRC Synod 2021 - Day 5 - Tuesday June 15

GT PRC front

After allowing extra time for her committees to draft advice, the 2021 PRC Synod will return to its work on Tuesday June 15 at noon (not at 8 a.m. as previously decided).

The delegates and visitors (now a maximum of 60) will be meeting in the fellowship room of Georgetown PRC.

Much of the work today involves treating protests and appeals. May the Lord give wisdom to the delegates as they discuss and decide on these matters.

Let us remember to pray for the body in all its work, asking for the guidance of the Holy Spirit and faithfulness to the Word of the Head of the church, Jesus Christ.

PRC and Sister-Church News Highlights for June 13, 2021 *(Updated)

The following are special highlights of PRC and sister-church news for this Sunday, June 13, the twenty-fourth Lord's Day of this year 2021.

Psalms 9 10Today as we gather for worship, we bring our praise and thanks to our triune God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, for all His gifts, especially the gift of salvation full and free through His Son. Through the presence and power of the Holy Spirit may we give our glorious God the honor due His name. May these words of the psalmist be ours:

I will praise thee, O LORD, with my whole heart; I will shew forth all thy marvellous works. I will be glad and rejoice in thee: I will sing praise to thy name, O thou most High. ...Sing praises to the LORD, which dwelleth in Zion: declare among the people his doings. ...Have mercy upon me, O LORD; consider my trouble which I suffer of them that hate me, thou that liftest me up from the gates of death: That I may shew forth all thy praise in the gates of the daughter of Zion: I will rejoice in thy salvation. ~ Psalm 9:1,2, 11,13,14

  • If you are new to this website and are interested in the PRC, we invite you to join us at any of our services (morning and afternoon/evening). For congregations, locations and times, visit this page.
  • Last Sunday Rev. R. Barnhill (Peace PRC) declined the call to Wingham PRC. He continues to consider the call to Kalamazoo PRC (received May 30).

  • Today Rev. W. Bruinsma (Pittsburgh PRC) declined the call to Hudsonville PRC.

  • The congregation of Crete PRC will vote for a new pastor from the following trio after her service this evening: Rev. N. Decker (Grandville PRC); Rev. J. Engelsma (Doon PRC); and Rev. C. Spronk (Faith PRC). UPDATE: Rev. J.Engelsma has received this call.

  • From Byron Center (MI) PRC's bulletin today: Professor Russell Dykstra accepted the call he received from us to be our next pastor. Prof. Dykstra and his wife Carol plan to move into the parsonage on June 18. Lord willing, Prof. Dykstra will be installed as our new pastor on Sunday, June 27. Prof. Barry Gritters will lead the morning worship service and Prof. Dykstra will preach his inaugural sermon that evening.

  • The final worship services of Bethel PRC (Roselle, IL) will be held on June 27, D.V. May the Lord continue to be with the congregation and her pastor, Rev. Lee, as they prepare for the disbanding of this dear congregation.
  • Classical appointments and pulpit supply for today in the vacant PRCs: Prof. D.Kuiper and Rev. N.Decker in Byron Center PRC; Rev. J.Engelsma in Crete PRC (IL); Prof. R.Dykstra and Sem. M.Wee in First PRC-Holland; Prof. R.Cammenga and Rev. J.Maatman in Hudsonville PRC; Prof. B.Huizinga and Rev. A.Spriensma in Kalamazoo PRC; Prof. B.Gritters and Rev. C.Haak in Providence PRC. We thank the Lord for this blessing of our church federation to help one another in this need.

    May we also remember to pray for all the needs of these vacant congregations, including Wingham PRC, which cannot receive pulpit supply from the U.S. at this time (pandemic travel restrictions) and which is also under new lockdown orders, meaning that the church's in-person worship and other meetings are suspended for the time being. May the Lord encourage their hearts during these difficult times and soon open the way for them to gather in person again.

  • For those who may still be limited to house worship, whether completely or partially, we invite you to visit the PR churches page and follow the links to the websites where the churches' livestream may be found. Or you may visit the selected audio sermon page and listen to one of your choice there.

  • Did you know that...
    • a new Sunday School season has begun in many of our PRC congregations this summer? With the Christian school year over and catechism season ended the time has come for the church's children to receive Bible and doctrine instruction in this way. Let's pray for the teachers involved in this and for the covenant children, that this too may be a means of great good for them.
    • Pittsburgh PRC's consistory room and nursery are undergoing repairs this summer?  Along with that note in her bulletin was one asking parents to watch their children so as to avoid the mess. Yes, those curious children... and parents.

GT PRC front
Georgetown PRC, Hudsonville MI, host of this year's PRC Synod


  • PRC Synod 2021:
    • The delegates met in daily sessions from Tuesday to Friday this week, recessing early Friday afternoon. In order to give committees time to finish their work, synod plans to meet again Tuesday starting at noon *(note change of time). For the reports on synod's work and decisions, visit this page.
    • Highlights: Sem. Josiah Tan successfully sustained his oral examination and was declared a candidate for the ministry of the Word. Missionary-pastor D. Holstege addressed synod on the work in the Philippines and in the PRCP. Synod extended a call to Rev. C.Griess (pastor of First PRC, Grand Rapids, MI) to serve as professor in the PRC Seminary, replacing Prof. B. Gritters in the area of Practical Theology and NT Studies.
  • Revs. D. Lee and J. Marcus are eligible for calls in the PRC and her sister churches. Let us remember them in prayer as they await new charges.

sem front June 2021

PRC Seminary Notices:

  • The seminary is now in her spring/summer break. Continue to pray for the seminary in all her needs. The faculty keeps busy with preparation for the next term as well as with other activities, and many of the students return to their summer jobs. The seminary will be open daily during the spring and summer, except for holidays (M-F, 8-5).
  • The professors are currently serving as committee advisors at the PRC Synod as it meets at Georgetown PRC. Synod plans to resume its sessions this coming Tuesday, June 15. This news concerning part of the synod's seminary business may also be reported here: Synod extended a call to Rev. C.Griess (pastor of First PRC, Grand Rapids, MI) to serve as professor in the PRC Seminary, replacing Prof. B. Gritters in the area of Practical Theology and NT Studies. He plans to answer by July 4.
  • Last week Prof. R. Dykstra accepted the call to Byron Center (MI) PRC. He plans to be installed on June 27 by Prof. B. Gritters. We pray for Prof. Dykstra and his wife Carol as they prepare to transition to the pastoral ministry once again. In the Fall Prof. Dykstra will also be finishing his final year of teaching at the PRC Seminary (2 classes) as Prof. Kuiper prepares his final courses to replace him.
  • Senior student Josiah Tan (Covenant ERC, Singapore) was examined at the PRC Synod this past week and was approved as a candidate for the ministry in his home church, Covenant ERC in Singapore as well as in the PRC. His graduation ceremony was held on June 10 in Georgetown PRC. For more on this event, visit this link. We rejoice with the brother and his wife in God's goodness and pray that he will soon find a place to serve in Christ's church.
  • The internship of Seminarian Marcus Wee (Covenant ERC, Singapore) will take place this summer and fall (July - December) at Faith PRC (Jenison, MI) under Rev. C. Spronk. 
  • With joy the faculty announces that it has licensed student Matthew Koerner (entering his junior year) to speak a word of edification in the churches.  We are grateful for the brother’s progress to this point in his training. As of May 30 he has begun preaching in various PRCs.
  • Work continues on the Spring 2021 issue of the PRTS Journal. If you wish to be added to our mailing list, please call or email the seminary.
  • For the latest seminary news and information, visit the seminary's website.

CPRC News Header
The May and June issues of "Covenant Reformed News" are available! See more on this below.


  • Covenant ERC, Singapore and her Kolkata, India mission work:
    • From the "Pastoral Voice" in her bulletin today: Many of us have witnessed the examinations of our Seminarian Josiah Tan this past week at the PRCA’s Synod 2021 hosted by Georgetown PRC via livestreaming. Here’s an extract from the PRCA’s announcement after the first day: Senior Seminarian Josiah Tan preached a specimen sermon on Psalm 89:1 at around 10:00 this morning. As it had the night before, synod heard a stirring word of God about the amazing mercies of God. Synod unanimously voted to approve Sem. Tan’s sermon and to proceed to his oral examination. We are thankful that Seminarian Josiah sustained the examination and Synod has declared him eligible for a call in CERC. The examination was modified by the Theological School Committee to include Classical examination to facilitate future calling of Seminarian Josiah in CERC. This means that he may not need to be examined again should he be called by CERC.
    • CERC has also returned to increased covid restrictions due to an increase in cases in the country. The congregation is divided into 4 groups (50 persons are allowed) that will rotate for in-person services. All other church meetings are suspended or will be held online. Let us remember them in prayer during this time.
    • Re the Kolkata, India mission work: May we continue to remember the brethren in Kolkata, that God gives grace and strength to Rev Singh as he ministers to the people there amidst the coronavirus pandemic and the cyclone that hit their land recently. May God’s mercy be upon them as they continue in their labour to spread the gospel and worship of Him.
    • The April 2021 issue of Salt Shakers is now available! Visit the link to read the edifying articles. Especially are young people are encouraged to do so!

  • Covenant PRC, N. Ireland and her Limerick, Ireland mission:
    • Rev. A. Stewart continues to minister the Word in person to the saints in Ballymena.
    • This past week the May and June 2021 issues of the "Covenant Reformed News" were published. Follow the link to read the latest profitable articles.
    • Rev. M.McGeown continues to minister the Word in Limerick (now in person again!) until he is able to come to the U.S. to serve Providence PRC. To read his last update (newletter), visit this page. *Important update (from Sunday's bulletin):

      Rev McGeown’s last Sunday preaching for the Limerick Reformed Fellowship will be 27 June, while Rev Stewart will preach one more time for us on 4 July. After 4 July the Limerick Reformed Fellowship will officially cease meeting. This will give Rev McGeown time to visit friends and family in Northern Ireland, attend a medical examination on 13 July, and arrange an international move, before travelling to the USA in August. This assumes that the immigration interview (24 June) and the medical examination (July 13) go well and that the visa is issued in late July/early August.  “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven” (Eccl. 3:1).

  • PRC in the Philippines and her mission work:
    • The latest Philippines' Newsletter may be found here.
    • Berean PRC bulletin: Rev. D.Kleyn led the services today. streaming of our worship services will be available on Berean PRC Facebook page. The saints in All of Grace Protestant Reformed Fellowship (AGPRF), Gabaldon, Nueva Ecijawill join u sin our worship services today via live streaming at face book live, the Lord willing.
    • Provident PRC bulletin: Rev. V.Ibe led the services today. The live-streaming of our services will be available on the “PPRC and Friends” Facebook page.
    • The PRCP Classis met yesterday in Provident PRC and was able to complete its work just before5:00 p.m. We thank the Lord for His goodness in guiding the Classis in all its labors. We pray the decisions may be used of Him for the building up of our churches in our unity of faith and of the love of Christ.

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RKleyn RWH

  • Rev. R.Kleyn (Covenant of Grace PRC in Spokane, WA) is currently doing a series on the Gospel according to Mark. Today's message is based on Mark 3:28-30 and titled "The Only Unforgiveable Sin."
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This Week's Thought for Contemplation

In the last issue of the News, we introduced the beautiful truth of the catholicity of the church and began to explore what we referred to as the church’s geographical catholicity.

Unlike other religions, biblical Christianity does not, and will never, have an earthly centre or headquarters, such as Rome (Roman Catholicism), Jerusalem (Judaism, premillennialism and dispensationalism), Mecca/Medina (Islam) or Salt Lake City (Mormonism). All notions of an earthly centre or headquarters represent a retrograde (and false) religious step.

The elect, redeemed and regenerate people of God have their headquarters (as it were) in heaven, where the risen Christ lives, the sole king and head of the church. The “Jerusalem which is above … is the mother of us all” (Gal. 4:26), “For our conversation [or citizenship] is in heaven; from whence also we look for the Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ” (Phil. 3:20). The church’s (geographical) catholicity not only includes the horizontal aspect, the church militant in the various continents and countries of the earth, but also the vertical dimension, the church triumphant in heaven.

...Thus, unlike the pagan religions, the faith of Jesus Christ does not dominate in its place of origin (Jerusalem, Israel, the Middle East). Befitting its nature as catholic, Christ’s church is the most widely spread of the religions. The white horse of the gospel must ride through all the earth (Rev. 6:1-2) converting the elect and hardening the reprobate, for “this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come” (Matt. 24:14).

Rev. A. Stewart in the May 2021 issue of "Covenant Reformed News" (also attached to this news page in pdf form)


PRC Synod 2021 - Day 4 - Friday June 11

GT PRC drone shot 1

One of the delegates did some drone pictures of Georgetown PRC today. Can you guess who?

The 2021 PRC Synod gathered for a new day and a new session in Georgetown PRC on Friday June 11. With the examination of Sem. J. Tan completed, she could dig into her regular business and begin trearting committee report recommendations right away. The delegates and visitors are back meeting back in the fellowship room of the church.

synod work 1 2

The summary report of today's deliberations and decisions follows:

Protestant Reformed Churches in America June 11, 2021
Synod began the day by continuing to deal with material from the Theological School Commitee (TSC). The TSC had received a request from a congregation to delay calling a replacement for Prof. Gritters for a year. The TSC did not approve this request, and synod concurred with the TSC’s action. Synod then proceeded to calling a man to replace Prof. Gritters as Professor of Practical Theology and New Testament Studies. The result of the voting was that Rev. Cory Griess was chosen to receive the call. We pray that the Lord would make his will known clearly to Rev. Griess over the next weeks, and, if it be his will, that he would accept this call. In the event that he is led to decline the call, Rev. Engelsma was chosen as an alternate to receive the call.
Before Synod was a protest of a decision taken by Synod 2020 not to include a report in the printed Acts. After deliberations, the matter was recommitted to the committee of pre-advice for reformulation.
Another protest objected to Synod 2020 giving instruction to an appellant regarding the form of his appeals after treating those appeals. This matter was also recommitted to the committee of pre-advice for reformulation.
Synod treated an appeal from an individual who objected to a decision of Classis West to declare a protest of his not legally before it. Synod rejected the appeal and upheld the decision of Classis West, declaring that Classis West correctly ruled that the individual may not appeal to Classis without bringing a protest of the consistory’s decision to the consistory.
Synod approved the appointment of synodical deputies from Classis East and West, recommitted advice from a committee of pre-advice regarding a letter of correspondence, and approved the work of the stated clerk.
At around 2:00 PM, Synod moved to recess until Tuesday morning in order to give committees of pre-advice time to work.
In Christ’s Service,
Rev. Joshua Engelsma Second Clerk of Synod 2021
*UPDATE on Tuesday Start time: Synod now plans to begin at NOON on Tuesday, June 15.
CGriess JEngelsma
Revs. C Griess (l) and J. Engelsma (r)

Sem profs 5 2
PRC Seminary professors and advisors to synod: R.Dykstra, B.Gritters, R.Cammenga (back); D.Kuiper, B.Huizinga (front)

Audience singing grad
Audience singing Thursday night at the commencement program for Josiah Tan (in front with his wife)

PRC Seminary 2021 Commencement - June 10, 2021

Front May 2021 2

Thursday evening, June 10, 2021, in Georgetown PRC the Protestant Reformed Theological Seminary held her commencement program.

PRTS grad program

The 2021 graduate was Josiah Rong Sheng Tan, a member of Covenant Evangelical Reformed Church of Singapore (sister church to the PRC). 

Sem grad JTan

Earlier in the day, Sem. J.Tan sustained his oral examination before the PRC Synod (see news from Day 3 of the 2021 PRC Synod) and was unanimously recommended to the CERC for a call from her or from the PRC.

KKoole TSC Sem grad

Rev. K. Koole, president of the Theological School Committee, opened the program with appropriate remarks and devotions.

GT PRC choir singing

The Georgetown PRC choir presented two special numbers, both fitting for the occasion.

 ProfDKuiper grad address

Prof. D. Kuiper, by rotation, gave the commencement address, speaking from Nehemiah 3:5 under the title "Putting One's Neck to the Work."

Sem grad RC rector

Prof. R. Cammenga, rector, also gave fitting remarks to Cand. J.Tan.

Sem Grad KK JT

Candidate J. Tan was then presented with his diploma.

Sem grad RC JT

Afterward, the audience gave their congratulations and enjoyed cake and fellowship.

Sem grad audience congrats

JHTan Grad cake
Congratulations, Josiah and Huiqi! May the Lord be with you as He prepares a place for you to serve as pastor in His church.

PRC Synod 2021 - Day 3 - Thursday June 10 (Updated with Report)

group sanctuary 1

After a busy night of committtee work, the delegates of the PRC Synod convened on Thursday morning at 8 a.m. in the sanctuary of Georgetown PRC.

First on the agenda is the final sections (4) of oral examination of Sem. Josiah Tan. This part of the exam is also be livestreamed on Georgetown PRC's website.

JT exam confessions DK
Prof.D. Kuiper examining Sem. Tan in knowledge of confessions.

JT exam BG CP
Prof. B.Gritters examining Sem. Tan in Church Polity and NT History. 

JT exam CG
Rev.C. Griess examining Sem. Tan in practica.

Pending the approval of synod, the graduation ceremony of Sem. J.Tan will take place this evening at 7:30 p.m. in the church.

Sem. J.Tan successfully sustained his exam, with the following reported in today's record: "The chairman, Rev. R. Kleyn, informs Mr. Tan that synod has unanimously approved his synodical examination and will inform the Session of the CERC that we judge him worthy to be declared eligible for a call. He reads Joshua 1:4-9. Synod sings the doxology. The delegates of synod are given opportunity to congratulate Mr. Tan and his wife."

We rejoice in this blessed provision of another candidate for the gospel ministry and pray that God will provide him a call that will lead to his ordination in the near future.

JT congrats RK
Sem. Tan and his wife Huiqi congratulated by the president of synod, Rev. R. Kleyn

JT congrats RC
Sem. Tan and his wife congratulated by Prof. R. Cammenga

JT congrats CG
Sem. Tan and his wife congratulated by Rev. C.Griess, under whom Sem. Tan did his internship

The rest of the day was taken up with deliberation on synod's committee reports. Here is the public report for this day:

Report of Day 3
Synod of the Protestant Reformed Churches in America June 10, 2021

Synod continued its work this morning with the oral examination of senior seminarian, Josiah Tan. Prof. Kuiper examined Mr. Tan in Knowledge of Confessions (for 30 minutes), Prof. Gritters examined him in Church Order (for 30 minutes) and Knowledge of Scripture (for 30 minutes), and then Rev. Griess (who supervised Mr. Tan’s internship) examined him in Practica (for 20 minutes). The brother gave a very good account of himself, and synod unanimously approved his examination. May the Lord soon open up a place of labor for Josiah in his kingdom. We thank him for providing another faithful laborer in the harvest!

Believing missions to be one of the primary callings of the church, synod authorized the Domestic Mission Committee (DMC) to designate a new calling church for a home missionary from the West Michigan area. The desire is that this church call a missionary as soon as possible and work with the DMC in developing a new field of labor.

Synod dealt with the work of the Contact Committee (CC) in this past year. It approved the work of the CC with our sister church in Singapore, and approved discontinuing the calling of a minister-on-loan to serve there. Synod approved the CC’s work with our sister church in Northern Ireland. It approved the work with our sister church in the Philippines, and approved letters of encouragement to our sister church and our missionaries in light of recent struggles they have experienced. Synod approved the work of the CC with our contacts in Australia, Germany, and Namibia/South Africa, and received information regarding other contacts in South Korea and Mexico. Synod approved sending observers to NAPARC in 2021. A committee of three men reported on the work they did in the past year reviewing the doxologies and spiritual songs in the back of our Psalter, and sent this on to our denominational Review Committee for a final review.

Synod also began treating the material related to our Theological School Committee (TSC). One young man who aspires to the ministry in our churches was admitted to the seminary in the coming year. This is great cause for rejoicing as it means that, the Lord willing, next school year we will have four men studying for the ministry in our churches, as well as two other foreign students. Having served his initial four-year term, Prof. Kuiper was reappointed to another three-year term as professor of Church History and New Testament in our seminary. Synod also declared that Profs. Cammenga, Dykstra, and Gritters are capable to continue teaching in our seminary for another year, a decision demanded by the TSC Constitution on account of their being over 65 years old.

The delegates of Synod gathered tonight with the seminary faculty, members of the TSC, and supporters of our seminary to celebrate the graduation of Josiah Tan. Georgetown PRC’s choir treated the audience to two beautiful numbers, and Prof. Kuiper gave a fitting address on “Putting One’s Neck to the Work.”

In Christ’s Service,
Rev. Joshua Engelsma, Second Clerk of Synod 2021

1st clerk CS
Synod's first clerk - Rev. C. Spronk - busy at his post.

DWestra asst clerk 1
The PRC's assistant stated clerk, Mr. Dirk Westra, has made himself available with his digital resources for synod and her committees.

JT exam CG back view
Another important member of synod's "team": Jay A. Kuiper, Georgetown PRC's facility coordinator, janitor, livestream-controller, etc.

Candid RD BL RK

VAHaveman chat

PRC Synod 2021 - Day 2 - Wednesday June 9 (Updated with Report and Photos)

GT PRC 2007 2

The PRC Synod of 2021 convened Wednesday morning at 8 a.m. in the  sanctuary of Georgetown PRC.

On the agenda for the morning session is the oral examination of Sem. Josiah Tan (Covenant ERC, Singapore). He will be examined by Prof. R. Cammenga in all the loci of Dogmatics and then in Church History by Prof. R.Dykstra. The exam is being livestreamed through Georgetown PRC's website.

JTan exam 1

JTan exam 2

JTan exam 3
Prof. R. Cammenga questioning Sem. Tan in all branches of theology.

JTan CH exam 2
Prof. R. Dykstra examining Sem. Tan in Reformation church history (his last time doing this!).

In the afternoon Synod took up the reports of its committee that were ready (cf. report below).

Report of Day 2

Synod of the Protestant Reformed Churches in America June 9, 2021
Synod continued its work this morning with the oral examination of senior seminarian, Josiah Tan. Prof. Cammenga examined Mr. Tan in the six loci of Dogmatics (for 20 minutes on each section), and then Prof. Dykstra examined him in Church History (with a focus on Martin Luther and the sixteenth-century Reformation) for 40 minutes. At the end of each section the delegates were given opportunity to ask follow-up questions of the student. The oral examination of Mr. Tan will conclude tomorrow morning, the Lord willing. For those who are interested, the exam is being live-streamed by Georgetown PRC.
After lunch break, Synod dealt with the legality of protests from three individuals of decisions of Synod 2020. The protests have to do with decisions regarding two sermons preached by a former minister (“Dealing Rightly with Our Sins” and “The Reward of Grace”) as well as with the decision to release that minister under Article 12 of the Church Order. These protests were all declared legally before Synod.
Synod also dealt with the legality of nine protests and one letter from a consistory related to the deposition of a minister under Articles 79 and 80 of the Church Order. Synod declared seven of the protests legally before it. Two of the protests were declared not legally before Synod on the ground that the protestants are no longer members of the denomination and therefore no longer have the right of protest. Synod also declared not legally before it the letter from a consistory because it addressed one of the protests that Synod declared not legally before it.
Synod then treated the material from the Foreign Mission Committee. Rev. Daniel Holstege, one of our missionaries to the Philippines, was present at Synod and addressed the delegates and visitors regarding the work on our established field of labor. Synod approved the work done by Doon PRC and the FMC in the Philippines and expressed thanks to our missionaries for their faithful labors. Synod approved the congregations taking one collection in 2022 for foreign missions and one collection for the Philippines Book Fund.
Synod also treated the report from the Domestic Mission Committee. Synod approved the work of Byron Center PRC and the DMC, expressed thanks to Rev. Spriensma and his wife for their labors as home missionary for 3.5 years, and approved the decision of Byron Center council no longer to serve as the calling church for home missions. Synod directed the DMC to expand greatly its use of technology, internet, and radio to establish a concrete field of labor for a missionary, and budgeted $50,000 to carry out this mandate. Synod also approved the DMC proposal for updating the general purpose, form, structure, and development of the website. Synod directed the DMC to form a new sub-committee of qualified individuals to oversee and maintain the denominational website ( and all other denominationally related digital technology (social media, podcasts, etc.). The members of this sub-committee would be appointed and supervised by the DMC, and their specific work and compensation determined by the DMC. Synod approving having the churches take one collection in 2022 for the cause of Domestic Missions.
Synod recessed for the day at about 5:00 PM to allow committees of pre-advice to work.
In Christ’s Service,
Rev. Joshua Engelsma, Second Clerk of Synod 2021

Group GT PRC sanctuary 1

It was also photo day at synod and John Van Baren again took a variety of pictures, a sampling of which you find above and below.

synod at work 1

officers 1 2
Synodical officers: front - Revs. C.Spronk (1st clerk) and J. Engelsma (2nd clerk); back - Revs. R.Kleyn (Pres.) and G.Eriks (VP)

 Comm1 2
Committee 1 - Revs. R.Kleyn and W. Langerak (front); Elder E. Van Egdom, Prof. R. Dykstra, Elder D.Kregel (back)

Comm2 2
Committee 2 - Revs. C.Griess, J.Laning (front); Elder J. Regnerus, Prof. B.Huizinga, Elder J.Holstege (back)

 Comm3 2
Committee 3 - Revs. G.Eriks, J.Engelsma (front); Elder B.Looyenga, Prof.B. Gritters, Prof. D.Kuiper, Elder D.Terpstra (back)

Comm4 2
Committee 4 - Revs. S.Key, C.Spronk (front); Elder K.Bruinsma, Prof. R. Cammenga, Elder J.Lanting (back)

Comm5 2
Committee 5 - Revs. A.Brummel, R.Van Overloop (front); Elders N.Kleyn, D.Poortinga (back)

 DHolstege Philippines greetings
Missionary to the Philippines D.Holstege addressed synod

Dutch theme
This year's synod has a Dutch theme - check out the fine art-work the Georgetown PRC children did!

kids pics 3

kids pics 1

kids pics 2

JTan poster
And at lunch it appears chef/griller Deane Wassink has some eager taste-testers

lunch taste test

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Synodical Committees

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Classical Officers

Classis East
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Classis West
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