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FMC Delegation to Visit Myanmar

LaningJamesRev. Jim Laning (Hull PRC, IA) and Rev. Cory Griess (Calvary PRC, Hulll, IA), on behalf of the Foreign Mission Committee, leave this week for Myanmar where they will spend a week visiting with contacts and hosting a conference with a view to fulfilling the mandate that synod gave to the FMC in Article 33 of the 2013 Acts of Synod. Please remember these pastors in prayer as they travel and labor in Myanmar and leave their families behind.  Lord willing they will depart on Thursday, November 7, and will return on Saturday, November 16. Contacts from 6 different regions of the country (roughly about 40 men) will be traveling (some of them a considerable distance), to meet with them and to receive instruction. RevCGriess

The decision of the 2013 PRC Synod in Art.33 was as follows:

That Synod approve the FMC sending a delegation to investigate and to advise synod about possible labors in Myanmar without the presence of full-time missionaries. 

Four grounds:

a. There is no opportunity presently to send American missionaries to labor full-time in Myanmar.

b. It may be possible to send regular delegations to give instruction to native Burmese pastors.

c. Rev.Titus informs us that he has numerous contacts in Myanmar who are seeking instruction in the truth of the Reformed faith. It would be good for us to investigate this by sending a delegation to do some preliminary mission work among the saints there.

d. Rev.Titus, whose native languages are Chin and Burmese, is also able to speak English fluently, thus making it possible for us to speak to the saints in Myanmar, whether they speak in Burmese or in Chin.