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November Issue of "Salt Shakers" Available!

SS 23 E-Mag Page 1The young people ("Covenant Keepers") of Covenant Evangelical Reformed Church in Singapore (CERCS) have just released the November issue of their magazine "Salt Shakers" (#23)! And once again, it is loaded with great articles, including a new section on church news.

Here is the introductory note that came with it:

Dearest Friends,

The 23rd issue of Salt Shakers is now out!
God's Word is central to us. Jesus Christ commanded the apostle Peter to "Feed my sheep".
In this issue, we tackle some big questions like...
How important is the Preaching of God's Word, really?
What does God's Word teach us to look for in a Girlfriend?

How are we to Build a New Godly Home according to God's Word?

Is the Apocrypha part of God's Word
What does God's Word teach us about Worship, Honouring our Parents and Confessing our Faith?
"Forever settled in the heavens,
Thy word, O Lord, shall firmly stand;
Thy faithfulness shall never fail;
The earth abides at Thy command."
Do we love God's word so much that we love to sing it as well?

Please take a look at what this latest magazine has to offer!

To download and read the digital version, visit the "Salt Shaker" page.