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Reformed News Asia: Issue 11 - November 2014



Issue eleven of "Reformed News Asia" has been released by the Christian Literature Ministry (CLM) of our sister church in Singapore, the Covenant Evangelical Reformed Church, and once again you will find an issue filled with informative and edifying content (for information on the previous issue, #10, visit this page)!

RNA-Nov-2014 DevotionsOne of the special features of this issue is once again the devotions on the Belgic Confession, covering Articles 32-33 (see pdf attachment) on the doctrine of the church (discipline and the sacraments). Written by Missionary-pastor M.McGeown (Limerick Reformed Fellowship, Ireland), these devotions on the "BC" take you through the month of November (Nov.6 - Dec.1) for the beginning of Oct., see issue 9). You will find great spiritual profit in using these devotions day by day.

In addition, the newsletter also contains information about the CLM's pamphlet (For example, there's a new one on Martin Luther written by Connie Meyer!) and book ministries and about activities going on in the CERC, such as their Reformed Youth Seminar Nov.1 with Rev.C.Haak ("Reformed Youth and Missions") and their up-coming Reformation conference Nov.7-8 with Rev.D.Kleyn.

Also of interest to our readers is the recent formation of a Christian school society and Board from the members of the CERC. Below are two pictures from this historic event. The picture on the left shows the six men chosen to the Board; the picture on the right shows men signing up to join the Society.

CS Board -Oct2014CS Society-Oct 2014

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Last modified on 01 November 2014