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Berean PRC Newsletter - February 2022


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MEDITATION                                 Psalm 1


The whole first Psalm is a description of what God has done upon and in the heart and soul of a regenerated son/daughter of His by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Hence, an introduction to the whole book of Psalms. In the Book of Psalms, we find the pilgrim’s journey and the diary of his/her walk with the Lord as he/she treads upon darkness in the world of sin and misery.

For that reason, we are told, that, The Law of God is his Light onto the path of glory. The daily struggles in life cannot surpass the joy that the Word of God brings to his heart and mind. And though the pilgrim’s place in the world is surrounded with “ungodly sinners whose mouth is full of bitterness, lies and mockery,” peace and comfort never leave him, for God is with him and always for him.

We have a clear picture, therefore, of what would be life is for the godly during and throughout their journey with God in this world. A life full of trials, temptations, enemies within and without the fold, and thus persecution for righteousness’ sake; and apart from the grace of God, he would never have continued in his journey by and in his own strength, for it will surely fail him!

We note further that the pilgrim is pronounced as “blessed” essentially not for his external deportment but for his inward affections upon God’s Law produced by the Holy Spirit which caused his abhorrence of evil and thus, of evil men. This is the outstanding character of one who is poor in spirit and yet so rich in Christ for all the blessings which flow from the cross of Jesus into his heart and soul.

Besides, the pilgrim’s bread and water are drawn out of the cisterns of God’s constant provision from His Word. He daily receives and meditates upon God’s Word with great delight, and thus always guided and guarded by it wherever and whatever life brings him!

Keep in mind too, that, the pilgrim’s hope [i.e., future expectation] is likewise grounded upon God’s Word. His eyes are fixed in the glory that awaits him when His Savior comes again to bring him Home! The ungodly are not so; for the Savior’s judgment is their lot against their wicked works when He returns.

The pilgrims, therefore, begins and ends his/her journey with the certainty of the fruit of God’s Word; sealed in his heart with the blood of the Lamb by the Spirit of the Savior onto glory everlasting, in the presence of the Almighty Triune God, for Christ’s sake alone and for the glory of God’s name alone! Amen.






     1-     Paul Benjamin Zuniega

     2-     Venus Figueroa (AGPRF)

     6-     Cris Espiritu

     11-   Melody Ibe

     15-   Jotham Luchico

     21-   Lea Trias

     26-   Peter Adrian Zuniega

      27-  Bheny Alarcon

Wedding anniversary:

      6-   Julius & Mari Arragona

       16- Argel & Emy Chua


We welcome in our congregation, Stefanie Buenaventura and her 2 daughters, Isla who is 11 years old and Sahara who is 4 years old. They are from Antipolo. Her husband Mark is an OFW. They used to be members of a Pentecostal/Charismatic church. By the grace of God, they were able to see the errors on the teachings and practices of that church and decided to leave. Although it was a painful decision for them, but they are full of hope that they could find another church. After months of searching or googling Stefanie found out about Berean Protestant Reformed Church. Upon knowing the address, she could not believe that it was near where she lives. They have been attending since October and it has been a joy for them. She is forever grateful to God for calling them out from a false church and to start anew. They are very much thankful for the warm welcome and they appreciate everything. God willing, Stefanie will join the Essential Class this coming month in preparation for her public confession of faith. While Isla has already started joining the Catechism Class where they are learning the Old Testament History. We pray that God will use these means for them to grow with us spiritually.



Jesus loves me because He made me and has every intention of me succeeding in becoming a living child of God.

– Charis, 11 years old

Jesus loves me because that's the truth of who He is, a joyful and eternal truth - Achaicus Zion Espiritu, 7yrs old, ?                                                                   

Jesus loves me because I am his child and I also love him because he made me and other people. Axcel Prosia, 12 years old

Jesus loves me because He is my Lord and I love Him with all my heart and He forgives all my sins. -Azaleia E. Prosia, 10 yrs old

Jesus loves me because I'm His child. And by His grace I will serve him. -Trixie Jean Luchico, 13 years old

Jesus loves me because I am His child and He loved me first before I’ve loved him and serve His name. - Jethro V. Luchico Age: 11 yrs. Old

Jesus loves me because He blessed me with wisdom. – Robert Sumalde, 9 years old

Jesus loves me because He gave me faith to become a believer of Jesus Christ. – Rihanna Eunice Zuniega, 7 years old

Jesus loves me because He saved me from all my sins and gave me faith. – James Daniel Zuniega, 10 years old

Jesus loves me because He saved me from my sin. Paul Benjamin Zuniega, 9 years old

Jesus loves me because He died on the cross for my sins so that I become His child. – Louvin Jedidiah Ibe, 9 years old

Jesus loves me because He gave me wisdom so I could love Him and worship Him. -Bryce Acerado, 7 years old

Jesus loves me because He saved me from my sins. – Antonielle Chua, 10 years old

Jesus loves me because He died for my sins. – Isla Faith Buenaventura, 11 years old

Jesus loves me because He has chosen me even before I was born to live and to serve Him, for His glory and for Jesus’ sake, and He shows it so by providing everything that I need in this life and the life to come. -Martyn Ibe, 12 yrs. Old

Jesus loves me because He died on the cross for my sins that I may be saved and live with Him forever in Heaven.  - Vernon Bien Ibe, 6 yrs. old

kids page



 (see the attched pdf)


art work LJIbe Feb 2022               


Jesus Loves Me


Jesus Loves me, this I know

From heaven above to here below

He sent His Son for Him to show

His love for me that overflows.

I am the apple of His eye

And I could tell you why

Not because of what I’ve done, no matter how I try

But at Calvary’s cross where He was crucified

Was indeed the proof that I am justified.

He has chosen me before the world began

He loves me beyond my life span.

Such an amazing love I can’t find from no one

But from God’s only begotten Son.


Thy Love


Thou hast loved me

Even though I’m a sinner,

Thou hast loves me

Though I can’t show the same,

Thou hast loved me

 though I disobeyed You and follow my way,

Thou hast loved me

Still, Thou didn’t turn away.

Thanks for Thy love

It’s a blessing from above,

Thanks for Thy love

It’s something, I can’t live without,

Thanks for Thy love

I wouldn’t fear nor doubt,

Thanks for Thou love

It’s a great thing to talk about.

Knowing Thee more and more

Is the desire of my soul,

More of Thee in my life

That others may see the light,

Knowing Thee for others to know Thee

And see Thy great love for me.


FEBRUARY                               2022

Daily Verses


“Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God.” 

                                                                                           1 John 4:7

















Psalm 5: 11

Matt. 22: 37

Prov. 8:17

John 13:35

Romans 5: 5





                               1 0



Micah 6: 8

John 15:9

Romans 8: 35

Psalm 145: 20

John 15: 13

Isaiah 38: 17

1 Thess. 3: 12








Jeremiah  31: 3

Eph. 5:33

Eph.     3: 19

1Tim. 1: 14

Heb. 10: 24

Romans 13: 10

James     1: 12








Psalm 116:1

Psalm 40: 16

Phil. 2:2

1 Peter 1:22

Psalm119: 165

2Tim. 4:8

Ephesians 5: 2








2Corinthians 8: 7

Rom. 12: 9








            We encourage everyone, especially the catechumens, to write articles, poems, and/or submit their artwork based on the monthly theme. Monthly theme are as follows:

            March- Mercy

            April- Death & Resurrection of Christ

            May- God’s Provision of Godly Mothers

            June- God’s Provision of Godly Fathers

            July- Joy

            August- Antithesis

            September- Comfort in Dying

            October- Reformation Day/ Faith

            November- Thankfulness

            December- Redemption

*Please submit articles, poems, artworks to Sis. Melody a week before the month ends or earlier.

*Children are encouraged to answer the Kid’s Page and submit it to Sis. Melody. You may screenshot it and edit it to solve the puzzle if you are unable to print it out. Then take a picture and send it to the messenger account of Sis. Melody Moyo-Ibe.

* You may also suggest a better name for our Monthly Newsletter. For now, it’s called Berean Page 


February 6- Rev. Smit

February. 13- Elders (Pastor has a week off)

February 20- Rev. Ibe

February 27- Rev. Ibe

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