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About the British Reformed Fellowship

The British Reformed Fellowship (BRF) was founded in 1990 by a group of Reformed Christians set for the defence of the historic Reformed faith in the British Isles. Its doctrinal basis is “the inspired, infallible, inerrant Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments as summarized and systematized in the Reformed confessions, specifically the Three Forms of Unity and the Westminster Standards.”

    The BRF produces a biblical and theological journal, the British Reformed Journal (BRJ), four times a year or as frequently as possible. Subscription rates, as of 2006, are £10 (UK, Europe & elsewhere) or $20US (N. America) for four issues of the BRJ. Membership in the BRF, which includes receiving four issues of the BRJ, costs the same as subscription to the BRJ and is available to Reformed Christians in the British Isles who agree with its doctrinal basis.  New subscribers and members are welcome.

    The BRF holds biennial family conferences at various locations in the British Isles for a week in the summer, usually in the beginning of August. Previous conference themes include Marriage and the Family, The Covenant of Grace, Sovereign Grace, The Church, The Last Things, The Kingdom of God, Assurance, and (of course) Keeping God’s Covenant. Why not consider joining us for a relaxing week’s fellowship around God’s Word?

    The BRF website ( contains articles from the BRJ as well as information on BRF conferences, contact details, and other material. So look us up on the web!