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Reformed Witness Hour Sermon Booklet - August 2013


The Reformed Witness makes available in print the radio sermons delivered by Rev.Carl Haak (Georgetown PRC, Hudsonville MI) during the month of August 2013. These messages complete his series on marriage and touch on other subjects of importance to all. The attached pdf contains all four messages. You will also find the individual sermons posted in the RWH reading sermon section under its theme.

The four messages in this booklet are titled as such:

  • A Beautiful Example of Fearless Submission (1 Peter 3:5,6)
  • The Better Life to Come (Ecclesiastes 7:1)
  • Homeward Bound (2 Corinthians 5:1)
  • The Prevailing Promise (Isaiah 41:10)
Last modified on 26 August 2013
Haak, Carl

Rev. Carl Haak: (Wife: Mary)

Ordained: September 1979

Pastorates: Southeast, Grand Rapids, MI - 1979; Lynden, WA - 1986; Bethel, Roselle, IL - 1994; Georgetown, Hudsonville, MI - 2004


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    4510 Bridgeville Ct.
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