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Great Praise for Our Great God

Psalm 48:1

    The larger the diamond is, or the piece of solid gold, the more their value is. The greater one's talents are, the more spectacular will one's work be. What shall we say, then, when the psalmist writes in Psalm 48:1, "Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised in the City of our God, in the mountain of His holiness"? That greatness is immeasurable! He is the God of infinite greatness.

    It is worthy of our notice that the psalmist declares that He is greatly to be praised in His city and in the mountain of His holiness. For although He must be praised by all men, His greatness is praised in a special way in His church. His greatness is so obvious when we look at the universe which He created and at all its creatures. What a vast universe it is! What a great God He is Who made it all, fills it all, upholds it all, controls all that is in it!

    But look at the salvation which He wrought in His only begotten Son. Look, as the psalmist did, at the city and holy mountain which He made, namely, His church in which He is praised.

    The psalmist has in mind Jerusalem where Mt. Moriah, His holy mountain where the temple stood, speaks of His greatness of love, mercy, and grace. It all pointed to Christ, His cross, resurrection, and ascension into heaven.

    Surely then we have the calling expressed thus in our versification (PRC Psalter):

    The Lord is great; 
    With worthy praise
    Proclaim His power,
    His name confess,     
    Within the city of our God,
    Upon His mount of holiness.

    We simply cannot praise Him enough. Praising Him too much is absolutely impossible. He has prepared everlasting life so that we can without ceasing continue to praise Him with all the praise due unto His name.

    We are not yet in the new Jerusalem. But every Sabbath we go to His house. There, but also wherever we are, we are called to give great praise to our great God.

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Quote for Reflection:

"Let us, therefore, feed others also with the milk which we received, until they, too, become strong in faith.  For there are many who are otherwise in accord with us and would also gladly accept this thing, but they do not yet fully understand it--these we drive away.  Therefore, let us show love to our neighbors; if we do not do this, our work will not endure.  We must have patience with them for a time, and not cast out him who is weak in faith; and do and omit to do many other things, so long as love requires it and it does no harm to our faith." ~ Martin Luther, The First Sermon

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Heys, John A.

Rev. John A. Heys was born on March 16, 1910 in Grand Rapids, MI. He was ordained and installed into the ministry at Hope, Walker, MI in 1941.  He later served at Hull, Iowa beginning in 1955.  In 1959 he accepted the call to serve the South Holland, IL Protestant Reformed Church.  He received and accepted the call to Holland, Michigan Protestant Reformed Church in 1967.  He retired from the active ministry in 1980.  He entered into glory on February 16, 1998.