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Delivered out of All Trouble

Psalm 54:7

    Would you ever dare to say that all your troubles are over? Death lies ahead for each of us. Would you then agree with David when he in Psalm 54:7 wrote, "For He hath delivered me out of all trouble; and my eye hath seen His desire upon my enemies"?

    It is true that David had been speaking of his enemies, the strangers that had risen up against him. But even then David still faces death. And Paul correctly states in I Corinthians 15:26, ''The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.'' When then we sing in our versification (PRC Psalter):

    From trouble and from woes
    Thou hast delivered me, 
    The overthrow of all my foes
    Hast given me to see.

    Death is included in those woes and foes. Yes, you and I can say with clearer insight than David that we are delivered out of all trouble, including death. For we see Christ, the Head of the church, risen from the dead, lifted above all the things that trouble the members of His body, the church, And we can sing that our eye of faith has seen also this enemy destroyed.

    We are going to die, and then our bodies are going to be destroyed.  The church is going to have that trouble. But let it never be forgotten that, because of the cross and resurrection of Christ, death is God's tool — His instrument to bring our souls to the covenant blessedness of the trouble-free house of many mansions.  And when Christ returns, that tool will be destroyed because we will be with body and soul in that blessed realm forever. There is then no need for that tool.

    In our bereavements, and upon our death beds, our eye should be fixed on Christ, His cross, resurrection, and ascension into heaven. Look at Christ, and you will see that He was delivered out of all trouble as Head of His church. It is an established fact; and therefore the members of His church can look forward in all their troubles, and with David say that in principle they are, in Christ, conquerors, and that death is one of the things that works together for our good.

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"However much things may appear to be mingled and confused in the world, good men will find that God has not promised them help in vain against the violence and injuries of the wicked."– John Calvin

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