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A Sacrifice of Thankfulness

Psalm 51:16

One truth taught throughout Scripture is that salvation is a gift, and that we can not buy the smallest part of it. We are aware of the fact that in a time of drought we can not buy one drop of rain. Much less can we buy one drop of the blood of Christ to wash away even the smallest part of one sin.

When then in Psalm 51:16 David writes, "For Thou desirest not sacrifice; else would I give it Thee; Thou delightest not in burnt offering,'' he plainly is speaking of sacrifices we make and of burnt offerings which we present, and which can not buy any part of salvation from God.

There are however sacrifices and offerings that do please Him and in which God does find delight. The sacrifice of  Christ on the cross God not only desired and delighted in, but He decreed it for our salvation. And by it He did pay the full price of our salvation and satisfied fully His justice.

Another sacrifice that pleases Him David speaks of in the next verse in Psalm 51. Our versification which we sing presents it thus (PRC Psalter):

A broken spirit is to God a pleasing sacrifice:
A broken and a contrite heart
Thou, Lord, wilt not despise.

For here we deal not with a sacrifice to obtain salvation, but with sacrifices and offerings that express thankfulness for salvation that has been obtained, because God graciously gave it to us.

This pleases God because it renders to Him the praise that is due to His name. It acknowledges Him as the merciful Giver and not as the demanding seller of salvation. And today we had better have that cross of Christ clearly before our eyes. In the measure that we see the sacrifice that God made for our salvation, we will bring to Him offerings of praise and thanksgiving. We will cry out, "O God, how good Thou art!"

The question is not as to how well you fared in earthly things yesterday. The question is not how well you were physically and what your flesh enjoyed. The question is whether you appreciate as much as you should and thank God for the salvation He freely gives.

Read: Psalm 34 
Psalter versification: 144:4

Song for Meditation: Psalter #71
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Through the Bible in One Year
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Exodus 13:17-22 ; Exodus 14; Exodus 15:1-18 
Matthew 21:23-46 
Psalm 26:1-12 
Proverbs 6:16-19 

Quote for Reflection:

Final perfection and deliverance from the evil one and from all evil, from all sin and corruption and from all the effects of sin, does not come until the day of the Lord, when He shall raise our corruptible and mortal bodies into the glory of incorruptibility and immortality, and give us a place forever in the heavenly tabernacle of God in the new creation. Herman Hoeksema

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