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64. Spiritual Aspirations



1. Lord, I lift my soul to Thee,
O my God, I trust Thy might;
Let not foes exalt o'er me,
Shame me not before their sight.
Yea, may none be put to shame,
None who wait for Thee to bless;
But dishonored be their name
Who without a cause transgress. 

2. Lord, to me Thy ways make known,
Guide in truth and teach Thou me;
Thou my Saviour art alone,
All the day I wait for Thee.
Lord, remember in Thy love
All Thy mercies manifold,
Tender mercies from above,
Changeless from the days of old. 

3. Sins of youth remember not,
Nor my trespasses record;
Let not mercy be forgot,
For Thy goodness' sake, O Lord.
Just and good the Lord abides,
He His way will sinners show,
He the meek in justice guides,
Making them His way to know.


Last modified on 11 March 2013

Additional Info

  • Psalter #: 64
  • # Stanzas: 3
  • Metre: 7s
  • Video: No
  • Psalm: 25
  • Type: Normal