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81. The Riches of God's Goodness



1. How great the goodness kept in store
For those who fear Thee and adore
In meek humility.
How great the deeds with mercy fraught
Which openly Thy hand hast wrought
For those who trust in Thee. 

2. Secured by Thy unfailing grace,
In Thee they find a hidingplace
When foes their plots devise;
A sure retreat Thou wilt prepare,
And keep them safely sheltered there,
When strife of tongues shall rise. 

3. Blest be the Lord, for He hath showed,
While giving me a safe abode,
His love beyond compare;
Although His face He seemed to hide,
He ever heard me when I cried,
And made my wants His care. 

4. Ye saints, Jehovah love and serve,
For He the faithful will preserve,
And shield from men of pride;
Be strong and let your hearts be brave,
All ye that wait for Him to save,
In God the Lord confide.



Last modified on 12 March 2013

Additional Info

  • Psalter #: 81
  • # Stanzas: 4
  • Metre: C.P.M.
  • Video: No
  • Psalm: 31
  • Type: Normal