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25th Anniversary Commemoration (1925-1950)

25th Anniversary Commemoration (1925-1950) - Including significant items from these years

  • Silver Anniversary Field Day Program, held June 21, 1950 in Jamestown Grove. Outside of program; inside of program

  • Silver Anniversary Booklet (pdf image)

  • Prayer Sonnet of Rev. Herman Hoeksema (in his own handwriting)

  • Program for Rev.Herman Hoeksema's 25th Anniversary in the Ministry (1915-1940), held at John Ball Park, Grand Rapids, August 15, 1940 (outsideinside)

  • Our First Synod, 1940 (pdf image)

  • Consistory of First (GR) PRC in 1950 (pdf image)

  • Synod of 1950 (pdf image)

  • First PR Seminary Graduating Class, 1929 (pdf image)
    Back Row, l-r: R.Veldman, C.Hanko, L.Vermeer; Front Row, l-r: B.Kok, J.DeJong, A.Cammenga

  • 1949 Young People's Convention Picture in Pella/Oskaloosa, IA (pdf image) - Recognize any of your parents/grandparents?

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