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50th Anniversary Commemoration (1925-1975)

50th Anniversary Commemoration (1925-1975) - Including significant items from these years

  • First PRC (Grand Rapids) Consistory in 1954, after the Split of 1953 (pdf image).

  • Bulletin of First PRC (DeWolf group) after its delegates were not recognized by Classis East - dated Oct.11, 1953 (the only one of its kind in our Archives)

  • Timeline of Events leading up to the Schism of 1953

  • "Remembering the Schism of 1953": A series of sermons/lectures by the two main warriors (Revs.Herman Hoeksema and Hubert DeWolf) of the controversy over sovereign grace and the covenant in the PRC in the early 1950's leading up to the schism of 1953. Available from the RFPA here.

  • Farewell Program for Rev. & Mrs.C. Hanko from First PRC, Grand Rapids, June 24, 1964 (He served from 1948-1964): Outside of program; inside

  • Notices of Rev. Herman Hoeksema's death (in Grand Rapids, Sept.2, 1965) in the Grand Rapids Press (pdfand in the Doon, IA Press, (pdf); Funeral Program (Sept.4, 1965)

  • Reformation Day Rally in Grand Rapids, MI (Civic Auditorium), October 31, 1966Outside of program; inside of program.

  • 1968 Young People's Convention Picture at First PRC, Grand Rapids (Recognize any of these people?)

  • Special Standard Bearer Issue - Sept.15, 1974 (cover image)

  • 50th Anniversary Program (tied in with the 1975 Young People's Convention), August 5-7, 1975. Outside of program; inside of program

  • Special Golden Anniversary Speeches at the 1975 Young People's Convention (published in the Sept.15, 1975 Standard Bearer, Vol.51, #21)

  • God's Covenant Faithfulness - The Idea - Prof. Homer C. Hoeksema

  • God's Covenant Faithfulness - The Historical Realization - Rev.David J. Engelsma

  • God's Covenant Faithfulness - The Future Manifestation - Prof. Herman C. Hanko

  • Seminary Pictures taken from the 50th Anniversary history book God's Covenant Faithfulness, edited by Gertrude Hoeksema

  • New Seminary Building Dedication Program, February 15, 1974

  • Outside Cover

  • Program for the evening

  • Note of appreciation from Prof. Homer C. Hoeksema

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