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Article 41

The classical meetings shall consist of neighboring churches that respectively delegate, with proper credentials, a minister and an elder to meet at such time and place as was determined by the previous classical meeting. Such meetings shall be held at least once in three months, unless great distances render this inadvisable. In these meetings the ministers shall preside in rotation, or one shall be chosen to preside; however, the same minister shall not be chosen twice in succession.

Furthermore, the president shall, among other things, put the following questions to the delegates of each church:

  1. Are the consistory meetings held in your church?
  2. Is church discipline exercised?
  3. Are the poor and the Christian schools cared for?
  4. Do you need the judgment and help of the classis for the proper government of your church?

And finally, at the second to the last meeting and, if necessary, at the last meeting before the synod, delegates shall be chosen to attend said synod.

(Revision of Article 41: Synod of 2002, Art. 28, F.)