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The 2014 PR Young People's Convention

PRYPs2014logoThe PR Young People's Convention, hosted by Hope PRC of Redlands, CA is taking place this week, August 4-8 at Idyllwild Pines Camp and Conference Center in Idyllwild, Califormia. The theme is "Living in the Last Days", based on 1 Thessalonians 5:1-8.

Speakers this year are Rev.Gary Eriks (Husdonville PRC), Rev.Nathan Decker (Trinity PRC), and Rev.Brian Huizinga (Hope PRC, Redlands). For the topics of the speeches, visit this page.

Visit the Convention website for any updates. For pictures and more (including pictures from a drone!), visit Nick Kleyn's Facebook page on the convention here. In addition, Shaun Karsemeyer has posted more convention pictures here. A couple of photos from Sunday's worship services and singspiration are posted below.

Let us remember to pray for our young people and all involved in this special week, that they may be kept safe, that they may bond together in true Christian friendship, and that they may grow spiritually through the Word of God and godly fellowship.

Postscript (This notice to the Hope PRC, Redlands congregation was placed in their bulletin of August 10, 2014):

The Lord graciously answered our many prayers for His blessing upon our Young People's Convention of this past week. A safe, exciting, and spiritually enriching week was enjoyed by all. All of the congregation's work in planning, organizing, and hosting the convention was noticed and appreciated by many. A hearty thanks to all those who faithfully served in so many different ways to make this convention a wonderful event for all who attended. May God be pleased to use the instruction that was given on "Living in the Last Days" for the glory of His name and the strengthening of all our young people in their faith and walk.

From all that we heard about this YP's Convention, we may certainly echo these sentiments. Thank you, Hope PRC!

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Last modified on 13 August 2014