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Invitation to Audit Fall Seminary Classes

SignOnce again the Seminary is inviting those who are interested to attend selected classes this coming school year. Prof. Dykstra is inviting auditors to Church History, a class in which he will cover the Reformation period of the history of the church. Prof. Cammenga is inviting auditors to New Testament History, a class in which he will treat New Testament History from the inter-testamental period up to the Passion Week. And Prof. Cammenga is also inviting auditors to his Reformed Dogmatics class, which will begin with Ecclesiology, the study of the doctrine of the church. If you are interested in attending any or all of these classes, please call the Seminary at 616-531-1490 to find what times they meet (or check the Seminary or PRC web site for the class schedule) and to “register” for the class. Classes begin, D.V., on Tuesday, September 3.

Last modified on 13 August 2013