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Update on the Proposed PRC Classis in the Philippines

VernonIbe-1Original announcement: The organizational meeting for the Classis of the PRC of the Philippines is planned for Thursday, October 31. The churches forming this new Classis are the Berean Protestant Reformed Church (Cubao, Metro Manila, Rev. Vernon Ibe) and the First Reformed Church of Bulacan (Muzon, Bulacan Rev. John Flores). The meeting will include signing ceremonies, a meditation from Scripture, singing, prayer of thanksgiving, a group photo, as well as an opportunity to hear greetings and thanksgiving to God from other churches. The brethren there would be thrilled with your greetings (card,
letters) at this meeting. Send to: P.O. Box 1173 ACPO, Antipolo City, Rizal 1870, The Philippines.

UPDATE: "The Consistories of the Berean Reformed Church and the First Reformed Church in Bulacan in the Philippines inform our ecclesiastical friends in the CERCS CPRNI, and PRCA that regretfully it was necessary for us to postpone our organization as a federation in order to have more time to complete the necessary legal and procedural preparations for proper organization.  Continue to pray for us as we look forward to the day when the Lord by His providence and blessing will make it possible for us to be established as a denomination of faithful churches of Jesus Christ in the Philippines, knit together in the blessed truth and Gospel on Wednesday, April 9, 2014, if our God wills."


Last modified on 02 November 2013
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