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Reformed News Asia - Issue 5 - May 2014


The fifth issue of "Reformed News Asia" has been released by the Christian Literature Ministry of our sister church in Singapore, the Covenant Evangelical Reformed Church, and this issue too is filled with informative and edifying content (for information on Issue #4, click on this link)!

BC Meditations - May2014-coverWorthy of special mention is the fact that this issue contains the next set of devotions on the Belgic Confession, covering Articles 15-16 on the doctrines of man's original sin and God's sovereign election. Written by Revs.M.MeGeown and D.Holstege, these devotions on the BC take you through the month of May (May 7 - June 3) You will find great spiritual profit in using these devotions.

In addition, the newsletter also contains information about the CLM's pamphlet and book ministries and about activities going on in the CERC. You will want to find out what literature is being promoted this month and what recent U.S.A. visitors to Singapore were privileged to experience.

JHoekstra Visit-2014

To receive your own digital copy of this newsletter and those to come, visit the Christian Literature Ministry page at the CERCS' website and click on the "subscribe" button. There you will also find a downloadable digital copy of the devotional booklet for May.

Last modified on 03 May 2014