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Reformed News Asia: Issue 8 - August 2014 Featured

Aug2014-BC MeditationsThe eighth issue of "Reformed News Asia" has been released by the Christian Literature Ministry of our sister church in Singapore, the Covenant Evangelical Reformed Church, and it is another issue filled with informative and edifying content (for information on the previous issue, #7, click on this link)!

One of the special features of this issue is once again the devotions on the Belgic Confession, covering Articles 24-25 (see pdf attachment) on the topics of man's sanctification and good works, and the abolishing of the ceremonial law. Written by Missionary-pastor M.MeGeown (Limerick Reformed Fellowship, Ireland), these devotions on the BC take you through the month of August (August 13-Sept.3 - for the beginning of August, see issue 7). You will find great spiritual profit in using these devotions day by day.

In addition, the newsletter also contains information about the CLM's pamphlet and book ministries and about activities going on in the CERC, including some of the special events revolving around the visits of Prof.R.Dykstra and Rev.N.Decker (see picture below).

For more information on how to subscribe to this newsletter, visit this page on the CERC website.

NDecker with YP-July 2014