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New Salt Shakers Magazine - Issue 27! Featured

"Covenant Keepers", the youth ministry of the Covenant Evangelical Reformed Church of Singapore (our sister church), has just published issue #27 of "Salt Shakers"their youth magazine.

This is another issue packed with interesting and edifying articles. This is the note that came with this issue introducing it to the reader:

Dearest Salt Shakers readers,
Attached is the 27th issue of the Salt Shakers magazine! We are very thankful to God for yet another release. Some of the topics covered are...
- Dealing with sexual temptations
- Korean Pop Music
- Is this Home? Truly Home? (A National Day special)
- Work stress
- The history of the ERCS

May God bless you through this magazine! Thank you!
For the King,
Josiah Tan
On behalf of the Salt Shakers committee

Below you will find the first two pages of the magazine, including its table of contents. You are encouraged to visit the"Salt Shakers" webpage where you will find a downloadable e-copy for your reading and spiritual growth. Or you may find the full copy attached here in pdf form.

SS 27 web Page 1

SS 27 web Page 2