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Covenant PRC Newsletter - July 2013

The July 2013 Newsletter of Covenant PRC, our sister church in N.Ireland, has been published! Read about a recent wedding there, plans for the 2013 BRF conference, a presentation on Rev.Titus and the PRC of Myanmar, some new members who recently joined, and the Stewarts' trip to the U.S. About the last mentioned you may read this:

Our trip to the US is drawing very near (16 July–13 August), and I would imagine we will be there before many of you read this. I am to preach in Calvary and Heritage (21 July), Lynden (28 July), Randolph (4 August), and Grandville and Faith (11 August), plus give three PowerPoint presentations on the CPRC from the perspective of its sister church relationship with the PRC and attend the weddings of a niece and a nephew. We are looking forward to being in your midst again.

Last modified on 14 July 2013