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Constitution of the Catechism Book Distribution Committee

  1. Membership

    This committee shall consist of three lay members who reside in the Grand Rapids area and shall be appointed by synod.

  2. Tenure of Office

    This committee shall be a permanent committee and membership shall be terminated by resignation or by the decision of synod.

  3. Duties

    This committee shall tend to all matters pertaining to the printing and distribution of all catechism books authorized by synod.

    1. They shall keep accurate inventory of all catechism books.
    2. They shall reprint these books when authorized by synod.
    3. They shall be responsible for the collection of the monies realized through the sale of books.
    4. They shall present an annual report of their activities to synod.
  4. Finances
    1. The monies for this work shall be kept in a separate synodical fund called the Catechism Book Fund.
    2. The financing of the catechism books shall be on a self-sustaining basis.
      1. The money collected through the sale of books shall be deposited in the new fund.
      2. The cost of additional printing shall be paid out of this fund.
      3. The price of the books shall be decided by synod upon the recommendation of the committee.
      4. Postage, if any, shall be paid by the local churches.

        (Cf., however, Acts of Synod 1985, Art. 42.)

    3. This committee shall keep its own accounting system.
      1. Keep record of billing.
      2. Credit the accounts upon receipt of payment.
      3. Forward the money to the synodical treasurer for deposit.

(Cf. Acts of Synod, 1965, Arts. 259-263, Suppl. XX.)