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January 20 – LD 3, Day 6: Adam’s Fall

Read: Genesis 3.

Satan was the tempter who tempted Adam and Eve to fall. He was an angel, probably the highest angel, who conspired against God and attempted to seize the heavenly creation from God. Joining him was an enormous host of angels. All were banished from heaven. They, with Satan at their head, now conspired to take control of the earthly creation and use it for their sinful purposes. To take control of the earthly creation, Satan and his demons had to gain Adam to their side, for Adam was the head of the creation.

Satan tempted Eve before he tempted Adam. He called Eve’s attention to the beauty of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and lied about God: He charged God with deception when he said that God forbad eating of this one tree because he knew that if man would eat of it, man would be like God and determine for himself what was good and what was evil.

Eve listened, and she took it upon herself to tempt Adam to do the same. They both disobeyed God’s command. The result that God’s judgment of death came on them. God’s punishment for sin was death! Death is separation from God. As we sing in Psalm 73, “To live apart from God is death.’

Death is basically total depravity. Our nature is so corrupted that it is no longer able to do any good. But that total depravity is also physical death so that the moment we are born, we start on a road that leads to the grave. And the grave is the door to eternal death in hell.

It is a sad story, for Adam’s sin opened the flood gate to hatred, war, bloodshed and constant bitterness between men. Adam’s sin opened the door to sickness, disease, suffering, pain, and the need for hospitals and cemeteries. Adam’s sin opened the door to floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, typhoons and tornados, all of which kill hundreds of thousands. All these are part of death, dreadful death.

There are two important truths to remember in the midst of the chaos that sin brought. The first is that Adam’s sin is our sin and we can and do go to hell for that one sin of eating of the forbidden tree. We are conceived and born in sin because God is punishing us for eating of the tree he told us not to eat of.

The second truth is that Adam’s fall was not a mistake in God’s plan. God was preparing the way for Christ. And Christ gives us salvation.

Hanko, Herman

Prof. Herman Hanko (Wife: Wilma)

Ordained: October 1955

Pastorates: Hope, Walker, MI - 1955; Doon, IA - 1963; Professor to the Protestant Reformed Seminary - 1965

Emeritus: 2001


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